Top 15 Affordable Ecommerce Photography Studios in the US

Photography studios play an important role in the e-commerce field. For this reason, photography studios have flourished in the US. These e-commerce photography studios ensure product photography from the very beginning to the end. Doing this help grow the eCommerce business of the clients to grow.

This photography studio offers different categories. Some offer cheap prices, some a bit higher. Some studios have technology experts, some provide less time-consuming products.

In this writing, we will break down this topic and offer you a thorough insight into the top 15 affordable eCommerce photography studios in the US.

What is eCommerce photography?

What is eCommerce photography

Ecommerce photography is a photograph created to serve as a visual representation of your product for online shoppers. 

Mainly, internet business item photography can be referred to as a subindustry of online business that arrangements with creating great financially practical symbolism of items for the portrayal of such items online available to be purchased.

Ecommerce business photography is significant because it gives your clients an unmistakable picture of what they hope to get. An excellent picture indicates that your item is great; it gives a decent initial feeling of your image.

Moreover, an expertly altered photo offers potential customers information on things and gives them a huge skill. Continuously it is more reassuring to catch an expert gander at the item, although the item evaluation and depictions are fundamental. Purchasers can’t contact and feel the item on the web.

In fine, we can say that this e-commerce photography is a must for the marketing policy and branding of the products. This photography ensures, in many respects, a company’s success, whether it is small or large.

List of top 15+ Ecommerce Photography Studios in the US

There are a bunch of e-commerce photography studios in the US. These studios help to grow the company in the e-commerce field. The list of top 15 ecommerce photography studios which have an attractive equipment setup, proper pricing system, and facilities are as demonstrated in the latter part of this writing:

The Line Studios


The line studio is a professional ecommerce photography studio. They offer to customize facilities based on the needs of the clients. They not only help to create a brand but also helps to grow the base of the company. 

They provide figure product photography with the help of the models. On the other hand, product photography is also available over here. They create still-life photos for e-commerce sites.

Another dimension of line studios is content photography. In this type of photography, the studio offers editorialized photographs for websites. The content photography is also available on-figure type. This helps the clients to customize the facilities. 

Hence, video and 360° is an important feature that ensures the details about the products to be photographed.

Line studios are different from the other studios because it takes a thoughtful and flexible approach by using creative photography skills

The line studios offer professional in-depth knowledge that helps to bring a brand in a refreshed form to provide this a fast-growing business. This is important because it connects with the clients and avoids costly mistakes.



If you want good photographs at an affordable price, Soona can be a good choice. This eecommerce photography studio has won the distance because they work virtually. This studio offers the very first product to clients for free.

They make it easy to make brands. The consumer offers photos and videos and helps to get quality content. The most unique feature of soona is it has created a virtual studio and offers a virtual shoot.

This studio cares for your time. For this reason, you can plan the shoot in minutes by discussing it with the experts. Moreover, shoots took place within 2 weeks. Soona offers you to see the photos appear live on the dashboard. Hence, you can give feedback, and they will make real-time adjustments for you. Then you can get a free shipment. 

You can also shop photos, videos, and edited content by professionals. This process takes only 24 hours. Soona also offers model photography. You can get a hand model, pet model, full body model, and styling per your requirement and budget. 

Another dimension of soona is that it offers you a free creative consultation. So, if you want to do a photoshoot for ecommerce, you can think about Soona.



Squareshot is a New York-based product photography service provider. This ecommerce photography studio works systemically. At first, they call for your details.

You have to submit an intake form. In these details, you have to fill the form with project specifications. Then you have to wait to get a proposal. The proposal will provide you with a shortlist, location, turnaround time, and price. 

The next procedure is the product shipment process and invoice payment. The client has to ship the product to the studio. Then they have to pay the invoice. After completing this procedure, the product moves to the shooting stage.

Squareshot sends you the images in 8 business days. Mainly, they offer you 50 images in 8 business days after receiving the products and payments. You can also order on an emergency basis. Here they send you the images in 4 working days.

CTA-Ecommerce Image Editing Services

This e-commerce photography NYC offers you the option to approve the images. This products photography studio provides more than 50 product categories. 

One of the most important features of this photography studio is that this studio accepts revisions. If the studio fails to act upon your requirement, they make revisions, and those are free of charge.

Moreover, they provide retouching. The retouching is applicable for every image you order from them. But any sort of complex manipulation of the products will be paid for.



The zeelum is the most professional product photography studio that is known for the photography expertise they provide to its clients. They create e-commerce fashion photography.

This e-commerce photo studio works with a group of pro photographers. They offer creative talent as well as they use high-tech robots. This photography studio ensures you that they will work for you and think about everything. For this reason, you can rely on them peacefully. 

Zeelum has an enriched profile. They have already worked with top brands like Tom Ford, Disney, Puma, CK, etc. So, they already offer you a brand-making procedure for your e-commerce studio. 

This studio provides you with flat-lay photography, ghost mannequin photography, accessories photography, on-model photography, and lifestyle-related photography.

On the other hand, they ensure every single detail of your product. That’s why they create 360° product videos and live clips for the client.

The process of photography starts with a strategy and conversation with the professionals and the clients. Then you have to ship your products through the process of check-in.

Then they prepare for the work. After doing this, they went to the photography session.  Next, the process of approval and delivery comes. Lastly, they have said that they work like your personal in-house team as a result, they will give preference to all your choices.

Moreover, when you visit the website of zeelum, it offers you an attractive vision of e-commerce product photography. They take you towards photography step by step. This also shows their keenness for product photography. Also, by using high-tech robots, they have created another dimension in e-commerce photography equipment.

VSP Studios


This photography studio offers professional ecommerce fashion photography services for online retailers and wholesalers. This studio deals not only with high-quality photography but also with websites, lookbooks, catalogs, marketing campaigns, and social media accounts.

The process of photography works by contracting with them. Then they will evaluate the needs for your e-commerce photography and provide you with a quote.

Next, they will confirm rates and shoot dates. Then the shipment of the product occurs. After taking the pictures, they will give you access to dropbox. Then you can pay for the photographs as well. 

VSP studio offers you on-model photography, ghost mannequin photography, and product page video. This studio mainly works for the amazon and Shopify platforms. They can help you to create your brand. They specialize in updating your product. 

On the other hand, you can contact them for a consultation. That means they are allowing you to maintain communication with the professionals. By doing this, you can express your idea about eCommerce product photography.

Diamond Shot Studio


Diamond shot studio is a New York-based ecommerce photography studio. It was launched in 2009. This photography studio specializes in commercial fashion photography. They provide fashion on-body photography, editorial/catalog photography, clothing photography, and accessories photography.

The photo shoot is available in both studio and location for full or half-day rates. This photoshoot consists of 1 photographer and 1 photo assistant. They carry their e-commerce photography equipment. Or they perform in the studio space. The retouching of the photographs is also available over here. The crew members also consist of the wardrobe stylist, styling assistant, hair & MUA.

In clothing photography, we can see 1 photographer, 1 stylist, and 1 prepper; the e-commerce photography pieces of equipment, studio space, and retouching are available. Moreover, the transportation cost is added to the location shoots.

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One of their most unique features is that they have a 5000 sq/ft studio space. They have ensured that, whatever the client wants, is possible in this studio. 

In fine, we can say that this photography studio works systematically. For this reason, people who want to clarify every detail about the shoot to be discussed beforehand would love to work with them.



Ripen studios is one of those ecommerce photography studios which creates a global network. This studio creates scaled solutions for digital retailers. Mainly, they help you to reach the content scalability by which you won’t be losing your brand uniqueness. 

One of the most important features of ripen studios is that they can handle 50, 5000, or 50,000 products at a time. That indicates their well-established workforce and infrastructure. 

They offer you the best photography and video production that can make your product the best among the others. 

They have divided photography into many categories: standard, mood, lifestyle, apparel, social content, and 360° videos.

They have already worked for brands like Universal music group, Scotty Cameron, Stila, Scent Beauty, Roolee, etc. Ripen tends to work for digital transformations. They provide engaging, high-conversion shopping experiences in the digital ecommerce photography sector

Another dimension of ripen is its respect for cultures. They have referred that they are a bunch of nutballs. That means the diverse group consists of different personalities, but it works to accomplish the mission. 

Ripen respects its employees. Thus, Mondays are pretty good over here. They arrange get-togethers on Halloween and thanksgiving. Ripen is one of those studios that care for every single detail of its clients and employees. Working with them would be fun enough for such an environment.



This ecommerce photography studio allows multiple angles, close-up details, and clear packing shots. They create imagery for your brand, but it’s not over right here. They support your brand and promote your products online. 

They can provide you with the photo shoot you would love to have for your ecommerce photography. Moreover, they can create visuals and group shots. You can use them in website banners, headers, footers, newsletters, and social media. 

They have multiple options available. They create a connection between your product and brand. Doing this makes the consumers attracted to your brand. Prodoto offers modeled photography, 360° spins, videos, etc.

They respect the brand and uniqueness of your business. That’s why they care for every single individual. They connect with the clients and listen to the needs and requirements to make the photo shoot successful. 

Prodoto provides you with gorgeous interiors. They have built a room set studio that offers a multitude of possibilities, and you have the freedom of imagination to make this e-commerce photography successful. They also work with the fashion industry. They offer you model photography with high-quality images.

The e-commerce product photography had reached another dimension with their attempt to make it a unique piece. Moreover, they also work with food and drink items. Protodo works with the food recipes to make the photography a unique one.

Space and Light Digital


Space and light is an ecommerce photography studio as well as a design firm in Los Angeles. They have 18 years of experience in this field and have collaborated with more than 150 brands. This studio gives much importance to technology. They have a technological partnership with the shot flow.

They offer photography and video services. They provide casting models, eCommerce on-model, editorial, products, ghost mannequins, flat lay, lookbook, 360° video, graphic design, and in-house retouching

One of the most important qualities of this company is that they don’t care for your company size. They offer you the same opportunities as the big companies. They want the small companies to grow, for this reason, they encourage them to work harder. Thus they create opportunities for everyone. 

You can be there for your photo shoot. But you can be there through the video call platform if you can’t make it. Four stages of professional lighting, styling, camera, and digital equipment guarantee success. 

In fine, we can say that the websites of this studio give you a thorough knowledge about the company and its work environment.

Damion Lloyd photography


This leading ecommerce photography studio is Los Angeles based. They are experts in clothing and product photography

Their service includes table flat lay photography, pin wall flat lay photography, on-model photography studio, ghost or invisible mannequin photography,  editorial apparel photography, children’s apparel photography, product editorial photography, e-commerce product photography, lifestyle, and fashion accessories, 360° product photography, ecommerce video services

Their e-commerce photography pricing is also very clear. The flat lay photography price range is $40-$75. Invisible mannequin pricing is $45-$75. The product photography price goes from $25 to $250. Editorial/creative laydown photography price is $1000-$1800-$2800. Lastly, on-model photography is $1800-$2800.

This e-commerce photography studio cares for your time. That’s why they ensure your product is delivered before the deadline. On-model, lifestyle, and editorial photography take 1-3 business days from the starting day.

On the other hand, table flats, pin flats, and invisible mannequins take 5-7 business days for less than 100 photographs and 10-12 business days for 100 plus photographs. 

You can also have a rush project. But you have to pay a 50% rush fee if you need the photographs in 3-5 business days and a 100% rush fee if you need the photographs in 48 hours. They offer $800 minimum for new clients and a $500 minimum for returning clients. You need to pay a deposit to start the project. Until the 50% deposit is paid, the work won’t start.

Another important feature is that Damion Lloyd’s photography doesn’t pay any hidden or additional costs. Moreover, you can specify the photography session from your imagination and brand value. This studio only revises the products when it’s their fault. They don’t even charge you for this.

Sean Turi Photo Studio


If you are more concerned with a live session to enhance your social media, marketing, and website content to a premium level, then you should consider sean Turi photo studio.

This ecommerce photography studio is run by Sean. This studio mainly works for actors, models, and creators. The live session recreates the atmosphere of a boutique production shoot by connecting talents with the entire Turi team. Sean enters the studio virtually as the creative and visual director. 

In real-time, he will direct and control all aspects of your shoot. Sean will be with you from 

start to finish, supervising his team of experts. You just need to select any of the photoshoots and make the shoot live. There is another option that the photo shoot can be produced in both live and private sessions.

In this studio, the e-commerce photography pricing is also very clear. The rates for a snap session can be divided into two categories. Firstly live session for $295, secondly private session with Sean for $450. The duration of the photoshoot is up to 30 minutes. The suggested looks might be 1-2 lighting setups. This includes all photos downloadable in high resolution.

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On the other hand, for the full session, the two categories go respectively. Firstly, the live session is $495, secondly, the private session with Sean is $1000. The duration of the photoshoot is up to 2 hours. The suggested looks might be 3-4 lighting setups. This includes all photos downloadable in high resolution.

Then goes the bold session. There also goes two categories. Firstly, a live session is $795, secondly, a private session with Sean is $1500. The duration of the photoshoot is up to 3 hours. The suggested looks might be 4-5 lighting setups. This includes all photos downloadable in high resolution.

Pop Studios


Pop studios mainly offer you photography and video content along with design. Popstudios was founded in 2007 by photographers Brian Dalthorp and graphic designers Adriana Reynoso. They are full-service photography, video, and graphic design ecommerce studio with a team in New York City and surrounding areas.

They travel to the locations of their clients for photoshoots. They have a full studio and can bring it to you or another location. They even venture beyond New York. However, the client is responsible for the travel expenses.

This studio offers you commercial photography, studio headshots, music photographer, product photography, fashion, portrait photography, and event photography. They also provide video services. They have music video, commercial video, and drone video options available. 

There are four studio locations where they work. They are the Brooklyn studio location, Warehouse location, street locations, and Union SQ studio. 

The confidentiality of the clients is important to them. They provide this notice to explain the online information practices and the options available to clients regarding collecting and using their information.

They only collect names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers as personal information. Client credit card information will be collected if that method of payment is used to make a purchase, but it will not be stored in our database.



Lenflash is a New York-based ecommerce photography studio. This studio offers you photography, video production, and retouching. 

Lenflash specializes in photography, technology, and customer service. Their photography, retouching, product videos, and cloud storage services are designed to make your products shine and your business succeed.

Their creative and professional staff will assist you in determining the best custom imaging solutions for your requirements. Once your photos and videos are complete, you can access them instantly and share them with vendors from any device using Lenflash Cloud. You’ll always have your images at your fingertips, ready to download and share no matter where you are.

They work in three stages first, you have to register, then you have to place an order,  then you just need to download the ready content. 

One of the most important aspects of Lenflash is that they provide high-quality visual content services, such as post-production and pre-production, to some of the most successful ecommerce companies. They want your items to shine.

They also have an extremely fast speed. They offer professional photography, video production, and augmented reality services with an unparalleled turnaround. There is 24-hour customer service and red-eye delivery available.

Doug Holt Photography


Doug Holt Studios may be a full-service photography studio with Corporate Central command within the North Shore of Long Island and a huge sunshine Studio in Long Island City, Unused York. They deliver impactful design, still life, and item photography in a proficient and imaginative environment.

They team up with everybody from workmanship chiefs to offices, from beauticians and hair as well as cosmetics specialists to set architects to have astonishing chances that you can strikingly use across visual stages. They work with products, fashion, jewelry, fashion accessories, and interiors. 

In fine, we can say that their website offers a huge collection of photographs by which you can choose what type of pictures you would like them to click. On the other hand, they have also worked with established brands, so they can help you to create your brand too.

Kronus Studio


Kronus studio is a New York based ecommerce photography studio. The working hours of this studio are Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to  5:30 pm. And all messenger pick-ups and drop-offs must be made between 10 am to 4 pm.

This studio mainly works with products, clothing, model, social media, and motion. In product photography, they provide jewelry, handbags, belts, scarves, accessories of every color, and material photography. They offer flat lay, hanging, and ghost mannequin photography for clothing photography

Kronus studio has done 1000s of the model goes for web-based business, lookbooks, and virtual entertainment crusades throughout the long term.

They also offer the clients 360° videos to show every single detail of the pictures. Moreover, they specialized in creating GIFs too. Kronus is equipped to create content for any brand which reflects its aesthetic and identity.

Questions and Answers for eCommerce Photography Studios

Why is product photography important for e-commerce?

E-commerce business photography is important because it gives your clients an unmistakable picture of what they hope to get. An excellent picture indicates that your item is great; it gives a decent initial feeling of your image.

How do you photograph your product for eCommerce?

You can hire an e-commerce photography studio to photograph your product for e-commerce. You can do it by yourself too. But that would require a different setup.

How much does e-commerce photography cost?

The price of an e-commerce listing product photograph should be between $20 – $90 per photo, considering the complexity. A custom inventive freelance product photography photoshoot can price between $500 – $4000 daily + expenses.

How do I become an eCommerce photographer?

You can begin this profession way by functioning as a studio colleague for a laid-out photographic artist or seeking a partner or four-year college education in photography. Web-based business photographic artists need a portfolio that shows their capacity to make close-up efforts of items and work in a studio setting.

What does an e-commerce photographer do?

E-commerce photography occupations include taking pictures of items for a web-based store. In this profession, your obligations regularly remember working for a studio to have close-up chances of the items.

How big should a product photography studio be?

The ideal size for a photography studio is 1,250 square feet (16.13 sq m), which is twofold the least sum that is required. This is because, besides having the room and capacity required for all the hardware, there’s space for a few unique arrangements.

Wrap up

In fine, we can say that nowadays eCommerce photography studio is a must to add decent value to your online product.

For this reason, you must ensure the studio you are working with has to be professional, within your price range, cares for your choice, and properly maintains communication and consultation. 

Thus, you can choose Clipping Path CA as your choice to give your pictures a smooth retouching

In this article, we wanted to share some affordable ecommerce photography studios and tips for choosing them.

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About the author:

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

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