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E-commerce has become a very reliable and trusted platform nowadays for spreading a business. It’s easier to reach out to more people online. And for that, you need good quality photos of your products to attract customers. But most of the time, when we click an image, it lacks sharpness, brightness, or other details. Clipping Path CA, an outsourcing company, offers you a better-edited version of your original photo by E-commerce image editing service at an affordable price.

We Provide highly professional photo editors who can work according to your demand. The main goal of product image editing service is to make a product look more attractive but realistic at the same time. Our experts can fulfill both criteria skillfully, making the customer want to spend money on your products. No matter if it’s background removing, shadow adding, or some standard retouch, our experts can efficiently meet every requirement.

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Why E-commerce Image Editing Service Needed?

“Seeing is believing,” the proverb expresses the customer’s thoughts perfectly. They believe what you present in front of them. That’s why you need perfectly edited photos to grab their attention. Only the professionals can naturally enhance an image. That’s the reason why photo editing services are in high demand.

E-commerce photo editing is necessary for removing unnecessary parts or adding details to an image. The service includes background removal, color correction, adjusting brightness, enhancing appearance, adding a shadow, and so on. In a word, this service is for making a photo perfect without any flaw.

Categories of E-commerce Photo Editing Service

We have sectioned our services into different categories so that you can easily select which one you need. Just upload a photo first and then select a category. You can give us specific instructions too. Our experts can deliver outstanding images in a short amount of time.

Simple Photo Editing

This service includes photos with simple shapes and forms, such as balls, books, jars, frames, and so on. These products have simple structures, fewer curves, and not many details in them. They are easy to edit. Our editors are efficient enough to make those simple items look stunning.
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Medium Photo Editing

This service is for slightly curvy objects. They have medium size and shape, a little bit of detail, and not many edges. Tables, chairs, toys, etc. are a perfect example of this service. Your objects will receive every type of editing like cropping, resizing, shadow effect, etc. needed for making them alluring.

Complex Photo Editing

Editing objects with complex shapes like furniture, jewelry is our specialty. Our editors like to take the challenge of editing photos with lots of edges (soft, hard), curves, or joints. They deliver the best quality images at an affordable price. This service also includes services like clipping path, masking, shadow effects, etc.

Fashion And Apparel

Fashion and apparel have consumed a large part in e-commerce, including all types of clothing and garments. We can skillfully edit photos of them. We use background removal, color correction and adjustment, resizing, ghost mannequin effect, or anything else needed to make your product looking stunning.

Jewelry And Accessories

Our editors are an expert when it comes to editing jewelry or any other accessories. These type of objects needs extreme care and attention at the time of editing. Our designers can even add details or do some retouch according to client’s demand. We are determined to provide the best quality of work.

Beauty And Cosmetics

It's funny to think that even cosmetics and beauty products sometimes need retouch and polish to look great. Well, we can do those necessary touch-up for you at a very nominal price. No matter if it’s a single or multiple product editing, we take orders for all of them.

Shoes Editing

Shoe editing is very demanding nowadays. It's because people purchase a lot of them through e-commerce sites. Our experts can make footwear look clean, vibrant, and stunning. We can also add a 360° rotation effect for visualizing every side. All you need to do is send us an image with the necessary instructions.

Furniture Editing

Our company takes orders for editing every type of furniture and home decors.We can give them a rich and classy look with our editing skills. No matter if you run an e-commerce furniture store or an interior designer who needs attractive photos to please clients, we can help you with both.

Electronics And Machineries

For electronic items and machinery, it's essential to display every part of the products clearly to the consumers. We can assure the clarity of the images with photo clearing and enhancement services.Our expert editors can cover up any damages or defects too very efficiently.And all services are available at a fair price.

Cars and Automobiles

Recently, cars and automobiles have become relatively widespread in e-commerce. Just like in other sectors, cars also need to look excellent for selling.We ensure top-quality e-commerce image editing services for automobiles. We add natural shadows that attract buyers a lot. We also remove blurry parts, unsuitable background, and enhance the photo skillfully.

Types of E-commerce Image Editing Service

E-commerce image editing is a vast area with different sections and divisions. We provide services for all of them through outsourcing. To give our clients a better idea about our services, let’s look at the sectors we work on generally.


Why Should You Choose Us?

“Why should I choose Clipping Path CA? Are they capable enough?” These questions must have crossed your mind. Well, let me tell you, you are the judge here. We allow free trials for you to get 2/3 images done for free and then decide if we are capable or not. Just upload a photo and tell us your requirements. We will deliver a high quality edited image that will leave no room for complaints.

Clipping Path CA provides the best service at an affordable price. We listen to your ideas and suggestions and understand your requirements before editing images. We are available 24/7 for our clients. We are just a call away whenever and wherever you need us.

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