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We are here to help you if you are facing any problem with our company. We are trying our level best to keep our policy and help center updated. We will be grateful if you convey your valuable comment to us.

Questions you may have

A. The File Can’t be sent

B. About payment

  • PayPal 
  • Mastercard
  • Bank

C. My Order

  1. Can I remove or edit anything from my order?
    Answer: Of course, you can remove or add(+) images.
  2. Where is my delivery?
    Answer: Please wait, within 15 minutes we will be able to inform you about the progress of your picture.
  3. Can I cancel my order?
    Answer(a): Yes, you can. And we will be glad if you share the reason for canceling your order.
    Answer(b): We are really sorry our technologists already tried their best to restore your photo. Your delivery/order/ images are almost completed. Thanks for choosing us.

D. Verification and Tracking number

Answer: Dear xyz, please check your mail. There, we convey the tracking number. For verifying the progress of your photo, click here.

E. Feedback

Answer: Your valuable comment and review will help us to update and further improve our services.
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F. Contact us

(a) Email: admin@clippingpathca.com (Customer Support)

(b) Address: 3180 Braeburn Circle, Ann Arbor, MI – 48108, United States.

(c) Phone: +1 (917) 936-4784  

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