10 Essential Tools For Photography That Every Photographer Needs

No matter how gifted a photographer is, he can’t fully show his talent without proper equipment. But the question is, what are the essential tools for photography? Do you have any idea about them? It’s okay if you don’t because we are here to help you with the matter. 

In this article, we will tell you about some basic photography tools, such as a camera, lens, tripod, etc. These are standard equipment needed for every type of photography. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro; you will need them for sure.

Are you excited to get familiar with the tools? I’m sure you are. Let’s take a look at them without wasting any more time.  

Essential Tools For  Photography That You Should Have

Photography Tools Backup

Search up on Google about the essential tools for photography. It will show you different results, introducing a bunch of products. But how many of them are actually necessary? If you are just a beginner in this photography industry, you don’t need to buy so many equipment. Just the basic ones will do fine.

For example- Gray Cards. Yes, they are necessary, but at a certain level. When you become a pro, you may think of buying one to improve your clicks. But not as a beginner. To make things easier for you, we have listed ten essential tools of the best quality.

If you are a beginner, buy the tools from the list. And if you are a professional photographer, check the list to see if you are missing any of them in your gear. 

1. DSLR camera

Professional photography

It’s needless to say how vital a DSLR camera is for photography. Without a DSLR, you simply can’t click good photos. It’s as simple as that. Professional photographers are willing to spend a considerable amount to get the perfect camera. We have chosen Nikon D850 for this article.

Nikon D580 FX-format Digital SLR Camera

The model D850 is one of the best revolutionary items of Nikon. It comes with high resolution, incredible speed, shutter and mirror mechanism, BSI full-frame sensor, autofocus, a great battery life, speed light control, and so on.

Nikon D850 allows a photographer to capture fast actions without compromising with resolution. It has an FX-format full-frame which is back-side illuminated (BSI). It also has a 47.5 megapixels CMOS image sensor with no optical low pass filter. With the EXPEED 5 technology, it allows up to 9fps1  continuous shooting without lowering the resolution.

It has a mode called silent photography in LIVE-View mode. It lets you click photos without making any noise. ISO 64, which is expandable down to ISO 32, makes the camera sensitive to every detail, no matter how small that is.

A tilted touchscreen LCD, 153 focus points, and a highly dedicated AF processor provide a fantastic performance. The user will feel nothing but awe after using Nikon D850. 


  • Product Model Name: Nikon D850
  • Product Type: Digital SLR
  • Brand: Nikon
  • Dimensions: 5.9 (Length)× 4.9 (Width)× 3.1 (Height) inches
  • Weight: 1005g/ 2.02 pounds
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Life: 1840 clicks(approximately)
  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Image Processor: EXPEED 5
  • Pixel: 45.7 MP (8256×5504)
  • Warranty: 1 year
Back-side illuminated (BSI) full-frame with 45.7 MP CMOS sensorSilent photography LIVE-View mode needs improvement.
High resolutionBuffer capacity is low at 9fps.
EXPEED 5 makes the processing faster and sharperWireless connection is not reliable all time.
Wide dynamic rangeNo built-in flash.
Continuous clicking of multiple shots (9 frames per second) without compromising with resolution
Silent photography LIVE-View mode
Tilted touchscreen with dedicated AF
Excellent autofocus
Great battery life
4k UHD/8k time-lapse (using interval timer)
Low shutter lag and low IOS

2. Tripod

Flexible Camera Tripod

Tripod is a three-stand (sometimes four) frame that gives stability to the camera. Without a sturdy and steady tripod, you can’t snap a perfect photo. Yes, some photographers may say, “My hand is steady enough.” But you will need a tripod in the long run. After all, how long can you hold up the camera without shaking it?

We have picked the Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminum 4-section Tripod because of its remarkable features and reliability. 

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminum 4-section Tripod

Manfrotto is always trying to make accessories that will help the photographers to a great extent. The model MT190XPRO4 is no different. With its steady and stable structure, it provides a fantastic service holding the camera in place.  

This tripod has the new ‘Quick Power Lock’ (QPL). Because of QPL, you can open all locks on its leg in one single click. It makes the tripod very fast and easy to set up. This model has four leg angles that make the tripod steady in every place.

It has a new patented 90° column that can be operated by a one-finger operation. The new “Easy Link” allows easy and quick plugin of necessary accessories like an LED light or VDSLR. It comes with a bubble-level rotator at the center column, which helps the photographer position the tripod. It can also rotate freely to capture moments from every angle. 


  • Product Name: Tripod
  • Brand: Manfrotto
  • Model: MT190XPRO4
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Leg Section: Four
  • Dimensions: 19.2×5×5 inches
  • Maximum Load: 10Kg(legs), 7Kg(head)
  • Folded Length: 19.2 inches.
  • Minimum Height: 3.2 inches
  • Maximum Height (with the center column): 63 inches
  • Maximum Height (without center column): 53.2 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
Strong structure and highly reliableA little bit heavy
‘Quick Power Lock’ (QPL) makes the setup quick and easyQuite bulky even when folded
The built-in bubble rotating level allows clicking shots from every angleDoesn’t have swing-up legs
‘Easy Link’ allows a fast connection to all accessories
Q90 column makes the positioning great
Covers both long and short Height amazingly
Easily portable
Innovative and stylish design

3. Lens

high quality lense

A photographer knows the importance of high-quality lenses. Without them, your camera is nothing but a showpiece. It may look good but not the same for clicking pictures. 

There are many lenses in the market to fulfill the needs of photographers. It’s not possible to put each one in a single article. Today, we will talk about three prime lenses that work amazingly for any DSLR model. But keep in mind that this is a personal opinion. It may vary from user to user. 

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 Lens

The Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM Lens acts as both a standard and Telephoto Lens. It’s highly admirable for its broad range of applications. Its aperture (f/1.8) is fast and works effectively, even in low light. It has an ultrasonic autofocus motor (USM), which provides a quick, silent, and smooth AF action.


  • Lens Type: Telephoto
  • Brand: Canon
  • Dimensions: 2.83×2.95×2.95 inches
  • Weight: 0.93 pounds
  • Focal Length Range: 85mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 2.8 ft./0.85m
  • Compatible Mountings: Canon EF
Has features of both standard and medium telephoto lensThe lens is not zoomable.
Fast maximum aperture f/1.8A bit expensive.
Ultra-sonic monitor (USM) brings focus quickly on the subject.
Works amazingly for portrait and scenic beauty
Very Lightweight and easily portable
The wide aperture can create a blurry background enhancing the main focus subject
Autofocus is fast, smooth, and quiet.

Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens

This 24-70mm f/2.8 lens is extraordinarily balanced and reliable. It provides high resolution along with natural touch with the help of a fixed aperture of f/2.8. The nanocrystal coat reduces the flare effect when there’s harsh lighting and works on image clarity. Its high performance for wide-angle zoom optimization for both FX and DX-format is preferable to photographers. 


  • Lens Type: standard
  • Brand: Nikon
  • Dimensions: 5.24×3.27×3.27 inches
  • Weight: 2.36 pounds
  • Focal Length Range: 24-70mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1.2 ft./0.38m
  • Compatible Mountings: Nikon FX
High resolution.Consumes large space
Wide-angle zoom optimization.A bit heavy
Fast aperture.
Fast and quiet autofocus.
Change focus without changing distance.
Moisture resistant.

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Lens

The newly redesigned and reengineered Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM is a total all-rounder for clicking photos. Do you want to click the landscape? Sigma 50mm is perfect. Do you want to click a portrait? Sigma 50mm is highly reliable. No matter if it’s studio or street photography, this lens will give you an excellent service. With a large aperture, Hyper Sonic Motor, and Special Low Dispersion glass, it’s “the one” lens that every photographer admires. 


  • Lens Type: Standard
  • Brand: Sigma
  • Dimensions: 3.94×3.35×3.35 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Focal Length Range: 50mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.4m/15.7 inches
  • Compatible Mountings: Canon EF
Has large aperture f/1.4A little vignetting issue at f/1.4
Smooth, quiet, and accurate autofocus with the help of Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM)It may seem a little expensive.
Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass
Super multi-layer coating
Complete all-rounder for all type of photography
Compatible with all types of DSLRs.
Amazing quality image. 

4. Flashlight

click a good shot - flashlight

Lighting always plays a vital role in photography. But most of the time, natural lighting isn’t enough to click a good shot. That is when the flashlight comes in handy. You can control the outcome of light you want in your picture with the flashlight, which is a bonus.  

We have included the Neewer 750II TTL flash Speedlight with an LCD in this article. Read further to know the details. 

Neewer 750II TTL Flash Speedlight 

This Speedlight is compatible with every DSLR camera, mostly Nikon and Canon. It has an LCD, which lets you control the light/brightness more specifically. Also, other settings are easy to change. It has a high guide number(58), which makes the flash more powerful. It’s vertical and horizontal rotation ensures the right angle for shooting.

It has multiple modes (TTL, M, Multi Flash) to ensure a perfect click in every situation. The multi-flash mode allows you to click pictures of a moving object. It’s overheating protection doesn’t let it get heated even when overused.

Newer 750II has a wireless trigger sensor that lets you click the flash from far. With less recycle time (3 seconds), it can flash continuously without stopping. It can be your partner in the long run. 


  • Product Name: Speedlight/ Flashlight
  • Manufacturer: Neewer
  • Dimensions: 4.33×3.54×8.27 inches
  • Guide Number: 58
  • Flash Modes: M, Multi, TTL
  • Horizontal Rotation: 0-270°
  • Vertical Rotation: 0-90°
  • Recycle Time: 3 seconds
  • Flash Coverage: 24-105m
  • Wireless Trigger Distance: 20-25m (indoor), 10-15m (outdoor)
  • Battery: 4× AA-size batteries
  • Weight: 1.15 pounds.
Lots of functions, but easy to operate.TTL sometimes overexpose object. 
Perfect TTL and bounce.The auto-zoom is not so great.
M, Multi, and TTL mode for wide-range photography
Recycle time only 3 seconds.
Wireless triggering available.
Long-lasting service with automatic temperature detection, heat protection, and a power-saving mode
5600k color temperature.
Less expensive.

5. Reflector


We have already mentioned the importance of light in photography. But sometimes, light can be a little harsh or too soft on the object. Or maybe the angle isn’t right. These are some small details that can make an image perfect or ruin it.

 In such moments, the light reflector comes to the rescue. It can soften light or even block light where needed. It is also used to put the light in the right direction. Controlling the light sounds cool, right? Let’s get to know some details about one of the best light reflectors.

Newer 43 Inch 5-in-1 Light Reflector

The Neewer Light Reflector has five primary and most popular reflections: silver, golden, black, white, and translucent. The sheet materials are of high quality and durable. The mainframe is flexible, which makes it easier to open up and fold.

Silver: Its primary use is brightening the shadow and highlighting parts. This sheet is very reflective but unable to change the original color of the light. 

Golden: This one gives a warmer glow to the images. It’s similar to the soft sunlight.

White: It is similar to the silver sheet. But it’s softer and add less brightening to the shadows. 

Black: This one is for blocking out light. Sometimes, photographers use it for reducing light instead of blocking them completely.

Translucent: This one works with natural light. If the natural sunlight is too much, a sheer panel is placed between the object and light source to soften the light. 


  • Product Dimensions: 16.2×1.6×15.4 inches (L×W×H)
  • Product Shape: Round
  • Product Size(open): 43inches
  • Product Size(closed): 15 inches
  • Manufacturer: Neewer
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
High-quality materials for the covers.The zipper tends to break down after some days.
Highly durable and long-lasting.
It perfectly reflects light.
The translucent panel works as a diffuser.
Doesn’t wrinkle easily
Easy to fold, open, and hold up.

6. Remote Shutter Release

Remote Shutter Release

It is a trigger or remote connection to your camera through a wire or can be wireless. It is for releasing the shutter of a camera without touching it physically. To put it simply, it’s a remote that lets you click photos from far away. 

We have chosen a third party remote shutter that’s compatible with almost all DSLR cameras. But remember, all brands have their shutter release. It’s your choice which one you prefer.

Phottix Aion Wireless Timer And Shutter Release

The Aion wireless timer of Phottix’s comes as both a wired one and a wireless. You can use it as you find it suitable. It features a 2.4GHz radio frequency that allows you to operate the shutter wirelessly from the 180-200ft range. Also, you can control your DSLR from 60m away through a cable connection.

It has four shutter release modes, instant, blub, continuous five shots, and a 2-seconds delay. These are a vast range triggering facility for photographers. This model also comes with auto-bracketing for HDR, which is loved by the professionals. It’s perfect for not only time-lapse but also long exposure photoshoots. 


  • Product Style: Olympus
  • Dimensions: 5.12×1.81×0.87 inches
  • Manufacturer: Phottix
  • Range: 60m
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Transmitting Power: -10 dBm
  • Receiving Power: -90 dBm
  • Working Voltage: 3.0 V
  • Standby Timer: 48 hours
  • Storage Temperature: -10°C-60°C
  • Battery: 2×AAA batteries
Perfect for time-lapse photography.
A little expensive.
Works amazingly for long exposure photoshootsThe transmitter cord is a bit flimsy.
Offers both wired and wireless remote shutter release
It is useful for studio or outdoor shooting.
Comes with auto-bracketing for HDR images
Multiple release mode.
Compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, and other brands.

7. Memory/SD Card

MemorySD Card

Most of the cameras have the option to insert SD cards in it. You don’t know how many shots you will click when you go out. And trust me, there’s nothing more frustrating than coming back without clicking pictures, just because your internal storage ran out. That’s why photographers carry multiple SD cards as a compulsory item.

The SD card that we have chosen for you has a vast capacity. It’s the SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I. I’m sure you will love it. 

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card

SanDisk’s SD card has a huge capacity and the high speed for shooting and transferring data. It has a shot speed of up to 90MB per second. And the data transfer speed is 170MB each second. It comes with UHS Speed Class 3 recording, which allows you to shoot 4K UHD videos without any problem. And with the Video Speed Class 30, it lets you can click sequential moments without any lag.

This SD card is temperature proof and waterproof. So, it’s fit for any type of weather condition. It’s also X-ray proof, which makes it extra perfect.


  • Card Type: SDXC
  • Manufacturer: SanDisk
  • Dimensions: 0.09×0.94×1.26 inches (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 9.98 grams
  • Capacity: Up to 512 GB
  • Read Speed: Up to 170MB/sec.
  • Write Speed: Up to 90MB/sec.
  • RAM Type: DDR3L_1600_SDRAM
  • Wireless Type: 170MB
  • Warranty: Lifetime
Has a high capacity
SDXC format may not be compatible with all devices.
Allows clicking high-resolution photosA little pricy. 
High read speed (170MB/s).
High write speed(90Mb/s).
Allows shooting 4k videos and sequential photography
Provides shutter free video
Temperature proof, waterproof, X-ray proof and shockproof
Allows recovering deleted photos

8. Battery And Charger 

Camera Battery And Charger
Battery And Charger

Carrying an extra battery and portable charger/power bank is a must. A fully charged battery can hold up to a couple of hours. But you can’t possibly predict how long you will need to wait for the perfect click. So having backup batteries are very necessary. The same goes for portable chargers and power banks. They are your trusted companion to save your back. 

Each DSLR manufacturer brand also manufactures batteries. The safe and secure option is to go with batteries of the same brand as the camera. However, there are some third-party batteries too that have broad range compatibility and give impressive performances.

In this article, we have included batteries of two famous brands, Canon and Nikon. 

Canon Battery Pack LP-E17

It’s one of the best creations of Canon with extensive compatibility. Though the capacity is only decent enough, it’s durable and gives excellent service.  


  • Brand: Canon
  • Type: Lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 7.1×0.3× 2.4 inches
  • Capacity: 1040 mAh
  • Voltage: 7.2 V
  • Weight: 45.4g
A broad range of compatibility.
Capacity is decent but not so great. 
Canon manufactured it.
Good capacity. 

Nikon EN-EL 15b Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

It’s a high-capacity rechargeable battery made by Nikon. It is compatible with a lot of different Nikon DSLR models. It provides long-lasting service during shooting.


  • Brand: Nikon
  • Type: Lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 3×1.7×0.75 inches
  • Capacity: 1900 mAh
  • Voltage: 7.2 V
  • Weight: 90.7g
High capacity.
A little expensive.
Made by Nikon.
Large compatibility.
It runs for a long time.

If you don’t want to carry many batteries, you can take a portable charger or power bank. The chargers come in a package with the camera. 

9. Cleaning Set

Camera Cleaning Set

If you are a photographer, you must clean your camera, lens, and other equipment. There’s no skipping of it if you want your tools to last a long time. And of course, you would like them to be long-lasting as they cost almost a fortune. 

The camera itself and the lenses are the most delicate among the other equipment. So we have included one of the best camera and lens cleaning kit in this article. Let’s check it out.

CamKix Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

With a professional cleaning kit in hand, the delicate job of cleaning the camera and lens becomes a lot easier. This kit has everything you can need for proper cleaning. It contains a double-sided pen brush. One side is of the pen is for dust cleaning. The other side has a particular non-liquid cleaning element that will not dry out anytime soon. 

The kit also has an air blower that releases air with little force to clean dust and dirt. There is also a bottle of cleaning liquid. The bottle is reusable. So you can fill it up if the fluid runs out. The tissue wipes for the lens and pieces of microfiber cloths are great for cleaning the lens.  


  • Product Dimensions: 6.69×5.12×1.57 inches
  • Model Number: GOGUK Camera Cleaning Kit
  • Manufacturer: CamKix
  • Weight: 4.9 ounces
  • Warranty: 1-year money-back guarantee

Inside the package:

  • 1× Air blower
  • 1× Two-sided pen brush
  • 1× Spray bottle filled with cleaning fluid
  • 5× Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • 50× Lens tissues
It provides a both sided cleaning brush for lens cleaning.
Not fit for sensor cleaning. 
A particular cleaning element on one side of the pen brush never dries out.The buyer should use the double-sided pen very carefully.
Tissue wipes and microfiber cloths are excellent for cleaning.
The air blower cleans dust and dirt effectively.
Reusable spray bottle with cleaning liquid
Less expensive.
It can clean any camera and lens.

10. Camera Bag

Camera Bag
Camera Bag

You love photography, and so you have bought an excellent camera, a couple of lenses, and other accessories. But what’s the point if you can’t carry them with you? You can’t possibly hold all of them in your hands. Now, that’s why you need a carrying bag. It’s not just any regular bag but a camera bag. These bags are specifically for carrying the camera and other necessary accessories.

Your camera bag must have to be of good quality. You definitely won’t want your $1000+ equipment to get damaged. Keeping these things in mind, we have picked out one of Amazon’s best selling camera bags. Read below to know more about the gear.

Amazon Basics Medium DSLR Camera Gadget Bag

Amazon designed this bag keeping your necessity in mind. This bag is not so large, not so small. It has enough room for your camera, 2-3 lenses, SD cards, batteries, charger, flashlight, a tablet/iPad, etc. to fit easily. 

This bag is strong and highly manufactured. It’s fully padded from the inside and sturdy from the outside. It’s durable and can keep your camera safe. It has a shoulder strap that is padded and adds comfort while carrying. The bag is also customizable means you can adjust it as per your choice. 


  • Product Type: Camera bag
  • Manufacturer: AmazonBasics
  • Dimensions (internal): 10.2×3.7×6.8 inches
  • Dimensions (external): 11.6×4.9×7.8 inches
  • Color: Black(Exterior), Orange(Interior)
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
Perfect size for traveling
A little heavier when loaded with equipment.  
Storage for one camera, two lenses, and other accessoriesThe straps make irritating sounds.
Has a compartment for iPad mini and similar devices
Adjustable according to need
Relatively less expensive. 

Final Words

When we say “Essential tools for photography,” we generally mean the items mentioned above in this article. But remember, there’s hundreds of equipment from thousands of brands. We have just pointed out the necessary tools without which photography isn’t possible.

We have tried to pick out some great products for you. Of course, there are bunches of other choices. You may not like our picks, but at least now you know what features to look into while choosing a piece of equipment. We wish you a fantastic journey of capturing moments.

About the author:

Picture of Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

Picture of Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

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