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You're Welcome in the Privacy Policy of Clipping Path CA
Data Protection Guideline: Effective as of July 17, 2018

Here, we will ensure that your personal information and images won’t be disclosed to third parties. We keep our privacy policy updated privacy so that we can inform you how we are going to collect data from you and how we work as a safeguard to protect your data. Clipping Path CA work for you by providing 100% data protection. We often gather information about our site visitors and users. Your information will help us to update our site.

User Information Collection:

Clipping Path CA only upload those photos on its website for which we get permission from clients. Our company doesn’t force people for any type of information. We do not disclose your data to a third party. Even your data lite contact information buying contacts, payment contacts are also secure with us and we don’t publish it anywhere.  But sometimes for displaying customized ads and showing offers through online advertising, we may use the user data.

Though, most of the time we are very careful about your information security and do not reveal your emails and other personal information to any other parties.  Clipping Path CA maintains some steps for securing data conducted during a visitor’s purchase. We confirm with our visitors and customers that their privacy would not be revealed when visitors access their account or taking any services from us. Because of our desire for being accurate, we will thoroughly verify it’s data. We assure our visitors and customers that their privacy would not be revealed to any parties when visitors access their account or take any services from us.

Image Copyright:

Images which are used by our company are treated as clients’ property. Client’s are the owner of those photos. We used those photos only after taking their permissions. We never reveal your photos to any other platforms or search engines.  To secure the safety of your photos, we use cloud servers and FTP accounts for transferring image files. We are very strict about sharing your photo with our employees also. Your images are very valuable to us, without your permission we never post your photos. If we need to use any part of your image as a portfolio, we will be asking for your permission. 

Mail Privacy Policy:

Clipping Path CA is very concerned about clients’ information including emails. We only use your emails and contact information for online advertising purposes. Only when we think it to be safe. Our company does not send any “junk” or “spam” files. We, Clipping Path CA contact with customers via email only to response to clients messages, transactions and transmit information.  If customers or clients don’t have further interest to hear from us, they can easily opt out from our mails. If you need any other information about us. Please contact us at admin@clippingpathca.com

Cookies Privacy Policy:

Cookies or other types of tracking tools are very much needed to activate the site properly, like showing customized banners, videos and offers. We use cookies so that clients can experience our web elements and resources better.  We send our cookies from our server to yours. User’s data will be further used for understanding user's choice, selections, and following user trends. Our company hasn’t any intention to harass you or recover any particular data without your permission. To identify visitors online behavior cookies are mainly used.

But you can prevent it by opting out.  Different types of third party cookies are used to analyze users’ behavior. It helps us to find the most useful and interesting stuff for you.  That’s how we can take necessary actions to provide you the best user experience. To deliver advertising messages, sometimes we use cookies. Though we analyze your data your personal information is safe with us. We strictly follow the rules without your preferences. We won't reveal your data. We strictly follow the privacy laws and try our best to offer you a safe yet a better experience full of information.

When & How We Share Your Data?

As a global company, we may share your personal information with third  parties, such as: 

How Long Do We Store Your Data?

Image Privacy: We are very thankful that you trust us with your photo for restoring.  We are very careful and ensure you that none of your photos will be misused which you conveyed to us. Financial Information: Your credit card number or other payment information won’t be stored. User Rights:  As a customer of our services you have rights, these rights are: 
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