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Best 12 Tips For E-commerce Photography

eCommerce Photography

E-commerce has become the largest marketplace that rules over online platforms. As e-commerce is solemnly dependent on images, e-commerce photography has become quite a popular profession. However, the task is not easy at all. It needs skill, attention, determination, a creative mind, and of course, some tricks.

Even though there are many Ecommerce image editing service providers out there to help the photographers, the main and most tacky job of clicking shots, the photographer has to do that himself. If you are also a photographer struggling with this challenging task, we can make this a little bit easier. How? You may ask. Well, we have some exclusive tips for you. 

Aren’t you eager to know what kind of tips we have for you? If yes, dig into the article already!

12 Tips For E-commerce Photography

Tips For Ecommerce Photography

No one really knows about the hardship a photographer has to go through to get that perfect shot that will catch the audience’s eye. Even though photo editing services share some burdens, the job is still difficult. However, if you follow the tips that we have stored for you, it may become a little easier. Let’s see what we have got here.

1. Stabilize And Focus

One of the main reasons why the photo turns out blurry and unfocused is the camera’s instability. You may have steady hands. However, it is wise to use a tripod in this matter. It prevents the camera from any unwanted shake. 

Now that you know how to stabilize the camera, let’s move on focusing. Use your camera to focus on the product only. The surroundings or background isn’t that important. Those can be edited or replaced by e-commerce image editing

2. Get Enough Light

Light is an important factor that can either make your image look splendid or can completely ruin it. Getting a proper amount of light is essential. As customers prefer natural light over artificial one, it is better if you can shoot with it. But not under the dazzling sun, obviously. That will burn the picture. 

Sometimes, sunlight isn’t available or not enough when you need to shoot. In that case, use flashlights or speed lights to get a decent amount of light. Remember one thing; you can not compromise with the lighting. 

3. Keep The Background White

Keeping the background white is the most common yet wisest thing to do. White backgrounds don’t create a distraction. The last thing you would want a beautiful background to steal the spotlight.

White background helps the customers to focus on the product solemnly. It also enhances the beauty of the picture. Colors are more vibrant and prominent on a white background. Nowadays, transparent backgrounds are also popular. But it is pretty similar to white background, actually. So you can choose either. 

4. Shoot From Different Angles

One image is never enough to satisfy the customers. You can’t expect someone to like your product just by seeing one part of the product. That’s why it is better to take photos from different angles and sides, the front, back, right, and left. That way, customers can judge the product from all aspects and have a better idea about the product.

5. Add Shadow/ Reflection

Everything in this world has its own reflection. Anything without shadows or reflections seems fake or unreal. The same goes for different items and products. You can’t let the customers have the idea that your products are fake and Photoshopped. That’s why it is wise to add natural shadows or reflections to the images. It can be done naturally during the shoot or can be added later using photo editing services

6. Use Mannequins Or Relevant Support

Some products like clothes, jewelry, shoe, watch, etc., need something to support them so that the photos turn out attractive. For example, if you use a dummy to photograph clothes, they will look more alluring. If it’s jewelry, a jewelry stand would be perfect to portrait the product. 

It’s okay if you don’t want to use supports, though. They just add a little beauty to the photo. 

7. Show Details

Showing important details to the customers is an excellent trick to attract them. If you are dealing with apparel products, take close shots of the fabric, embroidery works, designs, buttons, zippers, etc. These close-ups will help the viewers have a clear idea of the product. And trust me, it will increase your sale for sure. 

8. Try Out 360° Photography

If you don’t want or have a slot for uploading too many pictures of a single product, how about you try 360° product photography? In this type of photography, you need to click images of them from various angles, and then you will have to combine them later on using Photoshop. In this way, you can show the whole product in a single photo, and it is also very attractive! There are many photo editing services to help you with this. 

9. Show The Product In Use 

The value of a product naturally increases when you show the use of it. It is better if you click photos of your products, doing the job they are made for. Customers can judge the necessity of that product quickly and make a quick decision regarding if they need it or not. 

10. Fill The Frame

No matter if it’s a small-size product or something very large, fill the frame fully with the product. It needs to be done so that the frame doesn’t feel empty. It is also a strategy that forces the viewers to look at the item only. If needed, you can crop some parts but never use the camera’s in-built zoom to make the product look bigger. It breaks pixels and destroys the photo in the process. 

11. Maintain Consistency

Maintaining Consistency is the crucial point in e-commerce. As I have said earlier, to grab customer’s attention, it is necessary to provide more than one image. However, you can not upload pictures of different items or the same item with different colors or patterns. If you are giving multiple photos, they must seem like parts of an individual item. 

12. Don’t Forget Editing


How can you forget to edit the images before posting them? No matter how skilled a photographer you are, at the end of the day, almost all photos need slight touch-ups to get an alluring look. If you are not confident with Editing yourself, try out photo editing services like e-commerce image editing. Multiple companies now provide these services at a reasonable price

Final Words

So, this was it. We know, handling e-commerce photography is no joke. But we certainly hope that our tips will be helpful for you. We hope for you to have success in your photography career.

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