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Photo Retouching Service

CLIPPING PATH CA provides the clients with the best PHOTO RETOUCHING SERVICE done by the professional specialists and designers. PHOTO RETOUCHING SERVICE is a service which makes images perfect and flawless and makes attractive with Photoshop service by removing the unwanted objects and shadows from the images. It is one of the demanding services in photo editing service.  With the touch of photo retouching, images become more attractive and focused.

There are many types of photo retouching applicable to different situations. E-commerce companies, modeling agencies use this service for increasing demand and advertising of their companies mostly.  A retouched image is more likely to gain the attention of customers. So, this has become an essential part of e-commerce products advertising.

Trust on us for image retouching service and get the best retouching service at an affordable price. Besides, we are giving discounts for bulk image retouching service.

When Is Photo Retouching Needed?

In these situations, Photo Retouching Service is needed:

To remove unwanted objects from a photo like scratches, dark circles, dust and other errors.

To beautify clothing, products, models, crockeries, jewelry and backgrounds etc.

To make photos flawless, bright and attractive.

To remove unwanted shadows and make the photo clear and perfect.

Why Will You Choose Clipping Pat Service?

We have experts of photo manipulating who will take the responsibility of manipulating your images in the right manner and order within the time limit. Our team is able to work with a variety of formats including all categories of editing to make the images flawless and charming. We are trusted and experienced for quality editing in different patterns. So, you can trust us for placing your order of photo manipulation in any format. Our professional team uses high-end photo manipulation software for the purpose of perfect manipulating of flawed images. We are here to create the perfect photo manipulation for our customers applying our manipulating services.

Categories Of Photo Retouching Service

There are many categories of photo retouching service. Different types of retouching service are applied in different situations. Our experts will provide the perfect retouching service suitable for the image. You just Upload images and give us the necessary instructions. We will provide you with the perfectly edited images. The varied categories of Photo Retouching Service are:


Beauty retouching focuses on skin retouch, hairstyle retouch, fashion beauty retouch, makeup beauty photography etc.  This type of retouching requires more time. Some beauty retouching is:

  • Face Retouch: Face retouching makes the image of your face more attractive and spotless. This will remove all unwanted spots, dark circles and will make your photo lively and natural.
  • Skin Retouch: Skin color is an important fact in any photos. Attractive and natural skin color is more able to hold the attention of others. Skin Retouch service will make your skin fascinating and vivid.
  • Glamour Retouch: This glamour retouch service will give your images a glamorous look which will make your images vivid and lively. In this circumstance, we focus on:

           ◊ Adding make-up

           ◊ Adding eye shadow

           ◊ Coloring lip

           ◊ Adding glow and lens flare


Commercial retouching is primarily used for advertising. It includes many types of product photos and another sort of images. To increase the demand and promote sales of the product are the actual purpose of this type of Retouching. Commercial Retouching includes:

  • PRODUCT RETOUCH: Product retouching makes the images of product-focused enough to hold the attention of products. This is essential for e-commerce. They advertise their product photos edited by Product retouching service. Our expert designers will make your product photos perfect and natural by bringing the following changes:

          ◊ Removing Blinks

         ◊ Highlighting texture

         ◊ Remove defects

         ◊ Correcting shapes

  • JEWELRY RETOUCH: Jewelry retouch takes a great part in e-commerce. So, it is very necessary for the jewelry photos to be attractive and look like the original. Sometimes, because of photography, the real look of jewelry change. So, our professional designers will provide your jewelry photos an original and realistic look by following things:

          ◊ True color adjustment

          ◊ Adding stone and metal shinning

          ◊ Adding real gemstone and metallic look

          ◊ Adding natural shadow

          ◊ Taking out the poor reflection

Photo Retouching Services


In portrait retouch, the look and characteristics of the person are kept as the natural. Here, the color correction, contrast, sharpening,and skin texture are kept delicate. Model retouch and headshot retouch are included in it.

  • Model Retouch: A model retouching service includes many editing like:

           ◊ Lips enhancement

           ◊ Nose Correction

           ◊ Teeth Correction

           ◊ Tanning

           ◊ Reduce acne, blemish, moles, and freckles

           ◊ Cleaning eye whites

           ◊ Slimming

 This service will make your model images attractive and highlighted enough to focus.

  • HEADSHOT RETOUCH: This service will make your photos flawless by removing wrinkles on the head, setting imperfect hair etc. This will solve all the issues created during photography.


In editorial retouch, the natural look of the images are kept intact but diverting elements of the image are eliminated. This service is mainly essential for e-commerce to promote a brand of products or service. These types of images are mainly used in magazines, books, editorials and publication.


This type of retouching will make combined images from multiple images which will have a great touch of creativity. This is one of the most demanding and time-consuming services in photo retouching.


If you want to turn your ordinary image into a highly impressive and fascinating one, then this service is best for you. All types of ordinary images can be given outstanding look by this service.


If you want to fill up any portion of your photo and defile any part of your photo, then this Liquify Retouch will be the best solution for your images.


This service will make wedding photos more natural and impressive. The photographers are the most beneficiary of this service.


 If your images have issues like color, background, shadows and lighting then this service is perfect for you. Get your realistic photos with the touch of freelancing.

Pricing For Image Retouching Service

There are many categories of Photo Retouching service. Our experts will provide you with the perfect, natural images at an affordable price. Prices of different categories are mentioned ere:

Ultimately, CLIPPING PATH CA offers the most perfect and realistic photos by professional designers and editors. Trust us, it will provide you the most perfect photo retouching service. Whenever you need to have some photos edited, then just upload your images and wait until delivery time.  Our experts will provide every image with their suitable retouching service

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