Raster To Vector Conversion

Often we need to zoom in on an image to further work on it. But most of the time, the pixels break apart, and the photo becomes blurry, unclear. This happens because of not working on the right image format. 

Usually, photos are taken in two formats, Raster and Vector. Among them, the raster photos have less resolution. And that’s why, when you try to zoom in a raster image, the pixel breaks and causes the photo to become unworkable for further editing. On the other hand, vector images have high resolutions. It prevents the pixels from breaking and creates scope to work on it as you wish. This is why it is important to convert the raster images into vector images before editing them. 

Clipping Path CA offers amazing raster to vector conversion at an affordable cost. We assure the premium quality of our edited images. We have professional and expert editors who can convert your low-resolution image into a high resolution and the format you desire. You can also test our ability by using a free trial before placing your order.

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What Is Vector Conversion?

Raster and Vector are two different types of image formats. Raster images have low resolutions, and vector images are of high resolutions. In order to make the editing smooth and problem-free, it is better to work on a photo with more resolution. In that way, the pixels are intact, even when you zoom in. 

Vectorization of raster to vector conversion is a process of changing the formats and graphics of an image. Using this process, you can make the low resolutions high and thus can change the format. It’s a tacky job and needs to be handled with skill.

Why Is Vector Conversion Needed?

Vector conversion image service can fix photos of any resolution and color format. It gives the images your desired format without compromising with the image quality. In fact, it makes the images more flawless and attractive. 

With the help of vector conversion, you don’t need to worry about pixel breaking and can edit the image as you want. It clears up the barrier between the resolution and editing. This service can also be a great help for product image editing for online businesses.

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Raster to Vector Conversion

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Who Needs The Vector Conversion Service?

Sometimes when we see a service, we become confused. Do I need it or not? We have listed some sectors that require the vector conversion service frequently. However, these are not the only sectors. Anyone can hire our service as long as they need it.

Benefits Of Vector Conversion

Vector conversion is useful for various reasons. It gives a perfect chance to resize, change the format of a photo without losing the quality. Let’s see what benefits vector conversion can bring to us. 

➡️ A vector image has a high resolution, which prevents the pixel from breaking during editing. 

➡️ Vector images allow you to zoom in and out as much as you want without destroying the quality. 

➡️ A vector image can be resized into any size. It makes the ideal candidate for logo design or other objects that is frequently resized. 

➡️ Vector files are small in size as they contain less amount of data compared to the raster images. It can save up space in your storage. 

➡️ Vector images are more flexible to work with as they can be scaled up or down. 

➡️ Vector images are easy to edit. 

➡️ Nowadays, vector images are highly used in the e-commerce sector. 

➡️ Using this service, you can convert a hand-drawn image into a digital form. 

➡️ Vector artworks are used for any type of craving, for example- wood carving.

Clipping Path CA is an outsourcing photo editing company in the USA. We have skilled and experienced professional editors to provide the best quality work to our clients. Our pricing for editing is very nominal so anyone can afford it. Customer satisfaction is our main motto. 

We believe that two-way communication is the key to creating something extraordinary. That’s why we communicate with our clients and listen to their requirements. In order to get your images done by Clipping Path CA, you need to upload the photos to our website with the list of requirements. We will follow your instructions and deliver the best possible result. 

Our turnaround time is very fast, usually 10-15 minutes. We know how to meet deadlines. We also allow free trials so that you can judge us before giving any project. We have an unlimited revision option so that you can always come back to us if you are not happy with the edit.

Categories of Vector Conversion Service

Though it seems like vector conversion is a single type of service, it has many branches and divisions. That’s why we have categorized the whole service into different groups. Our expert editors are capable of handling any of these categories effortlessly. Let’s take a look at what the categories are-

☑️ Raster To Vector Conversion

Raster to vector conversion is greatly used in different sectors nowadays. Vectorization makes the images easier to edit or design. In this service, we resize the image, fix the pixels, and increase the resolution. In addition, we make the photo flawless and stunning. We do the vector conversion with the help of Photoshop and Illustrator.

☑️ 2D CAD Design

In the era of 3D drawing and models, 2D CAD design has become old. But they are still demanding in some specific sectors. It is the process of creating and editing technical drawings. It also allows creating annotating designs. That is why architects, civil engineers, and manufacturing companies use this service to get their designs and plan ready.

☑️ 3D Vector Conversion

This service includes converting the line drawings into 3D artworks. We can also alter your 2D models into 3D form. 3D vector conversion requires professional skills and proficient knowledge to make it perfect. In Clipping Path CA, we assure you we provide the best vector conversion along with premium quality images. You can get your desired pictures done at a reasonable price.

☑️ Vector Logo Design

Companies, agencies, shops, and even online business websites nowadays insist on having their own logo. And that’s why we are trying to make this task easier for you by providing this service. We provide the best, unique and perfect logo design according to your requirements. We also help by giving suggestions keeping the purpose of your logo in mind.

☑️ Vector Line Drawing And Artwork Design

Vector Line drawing and artwork design services provide custom illustrations, hand-drawn pictures, and hand-drawn sketches. This is necessary if you want to engrave a shape or design perfectly. It is detailed work that needs to be done manually with extreme care. We assure you to provide the best vector line drawing and artwork design to the clients at a fair price.

☑️ Product To Vector Design

Product photos in the raster format don’t look much appealing. If you want to give vector form to your images, this service is definitely for you. Our expert designers are always trying their best to provide the best and unique service to the clients with 100% satisfaction and on-time delivery. This service will surely benefit you by bringing a distinctive look to your business.

☑️ 3D Product Modeling

The best way to grab customers’ attention is by realistically showcasing the products. No other method can beat 3D product modeling in this matter. If you are also looking for a 3D product modeling service, Clipping Path CA provides realistic and 3D product visualizations. It’s used mainly for marketing purposes. You can get a high-standard 3d product modeling service here at a nominal price.

☑️ Vector Character Drawing For Animation

Cartoon characters and animations look alive, vivid, and vibrant in vector form. If you are looking for vector drawings for animation or cartoon characters, then we are here to provide you with the best vector characters. Our services are very affordable, and the images are always of high quality. Bring a lively look to your animations using this service of CLIPPING PATH CA.

Why Should You Choose Us?

If you search online, you will find thousands of Photoshop service providers. Then why Clipping Path CA? It’s natural to have that question in mind. You may find numerous services but finding the perfect one that understands your requirements is the real challenge. 

Satisfying our clients has always been our top priority. The support you have given us throughout the years has always helped us stay in the race. For the new clients who don’t know about our services, we would like to enlighten them so that they can choose us. 

✔️ Skilled And Professional Editors

The lead professionals of current times work with us. They are highly skilled and have expertise in what they do. We train them every month so that they can keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Our excellent clipping path services have built our reputation. We do not compromise, not even a bit in qualities.

✔️ Fastest Turnaround

With plenty of professionals, it is not difficult for us to meet the tightest deadlines. Generally, our turnaround time is 24 hours. But we can cut in short to 4 hours and sometimes even less in case of an emergency. We can complete bulk orders with premium quality thanks to our hard-working employees.

✔️ 24/7 Availability

There’s no point in hiring a service provider if you can’t find them in time of necessity. Clipping Path CA is always just a phone call away from you. We run the company in shifts to ensure that you can turn to us when you need it. Our 24/7 availability makes us different from other service providers.

✔️ Shortest Response Time

Just like our turnaround, our response time is also minimal. We always work at beck and call for our customers. We are devoted to handing over the best work within a short period. We always try to respond to customers’ requests as fast as we can. Generally, we take 10-15 minutes to respond because every minute of yours matters to us.

✔️ Trial Period

If you are working for the first time with us, it’s natural for you to doubt our capabilities. That’s why we allow a trial period before placing the actual order. You can send us 2/3 images with the list of requirements. We will edit the photos shortly and send them to you. You can judge us according to your standard.

✔️ Unlimited Revisions

It’s possible that you may not become satisfied with an edit. We have probably made a mistake in understanding your requirements. In that case, you can request revisions. You can tell us what mistakes we made and the changes that you would like to prefer. We are bound to redo the edit until you become satisfied.

✔️ Affordable Price

Pricing or cost has always been the main concern when it comes to hiring any kind of service. To make things affordable for our clients, we offer the best quality work on a very friendly budget. We also provide discounts on bulk orders. Even if you have a tight budget, I’m sure you can find a way to work with Clipping Path CA.

Benefits You Get From Working With Clipping Path CA

As a client, you should look into the benefits you will get from working with Clipping Path CA. The benefits are uncountable. But still, for your better understanding, we have listed some primary benefits below:- 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your images done in the best way with Clipping Path CA.

Customers Reviews

These guys did a good job with the vectorization. The final image was flawless and seemed the exact copy of the actual photo.
Adam Sendler
After they changed the file format for me, I could edit the photos smoothly, and it was a great relief. Vector conversion seems easy, but it's not. I'm thankful that they didn't mess up.
Mila Kunis
Clipping Path CA is good at whatever they do. I hired their service the fourth time now. And I can say, they didn't disappoint me.
Mike Stuart
Studio Manager

Pricing For Our Raster To Vector Conversion Service

No matter whatever we say, pricing is always the main concern for any kind of service. That’s why we have mentioned our pricing for raster to vector conversion services so that you can easily get an idea about it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Wіth Photo Restoration Services, all thеѕе рrоblеmѕ can be dealt with.

Answer: Vector conversion means changing the size, resolution of an image and converting it into a different format named Vector.

Answer: Generally, we do the vector conversion manually with the help of necessary applications. But we can also do automated conversion depending on how you are going to use the image.

Answer: For vector conversion, we accept various file types, such as jpg, jpeg, png, doc, pdf, ppt, tiff’s, eps, BMP, PSD, SVG, and so on.

Answer: You can choose which type you want to receive the files. In general, we deliver the files in PDF, SVG, CDR, AI, DXF, PS, EPS, WMF format.

Answer: This depends on the number of photos and their complexity level. In general, our turnaround time is 24 hours. But it can be shortened in case of emergencies.

Answer: Yes, we do. You can try our free trials to judge our work before giving us any project to handle.

Answer: Yes, we do. We take bulk orders, and we also have discounts on them!

Answer: Best quality work on a friendly budget is our sword. We never compromise with the quality of the edited images. Satisfying our customers is our main motto.

Answer: Yes, of course! Ensuring our clients’ safety is our topmost priority. We guarantee a 100% safe file transfer and never leak any information regarding our clients.

Answer: Yes! for the first order you are getting 30% discount.

Answer: We allow unlimited revisions. If you are unsatisfied with the editing, request a free correction and give us further instructions to correct our mistakes.


  • To send us your photo, just click on “Place an Order” and insert your damaged photos. Write down the criteria that you want. 
  • You can also send us the scanned copy. In that case, just Make sure that the minimum resolution of your photo is 300DPI, it will be ideal to further keep the resolution 600 DPI or above it.

We have 24/7 customer support. If you have face any problem with calculated pricing Please feel free to contact us.