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Photo Restoration Services has been providing a great opportunity to recapture your memories. Enhancement services at a very affordable cost make us different from others.

From the very first moment of the invention of photo-taking methods, it was  cherished as it creates memories. photos are precious things, sometimes considered a treasure. but photos are prone to damage. So, we are here to restore your valuable memories. We have experts specialized in the line arts of photo repairing. 

They will be there for you to create a new photo by scanning your original one at a  high resolution. Improvement and modification of digital photos are some of the few tasks we will be providing. So, let us revive your old cherished memories and keep them for a generation.

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We Ensure You The Best Quality & Rate

Clipping Path CA premier photo editing company based in Canada. We Pride ourselves on our Quality work, Customer satisfaction & Competitive Pricing. We Understand you have deadlines to meet and a reputation to keep. So we will meet ours. You can rely on Clipping Path CA to handle your job expertly everytime.

CLIPPING PATH CA gives you the conformity of the Prices, Quality and Full Supports Everyday of your images.  We are concerned about your requirements, time and satisfaction. We are offering Discount for Bulk Image Editing For Regular customers. Our Pricing Table is mentioned below and there are no extra charges.  Here, prices of Editing of all Categories are described separately and you can know about the cost of editing of your images yourself.   

Clipping Path CA working 6(+) years world wide and providing quality services for photographers, e-commerce companies, photo studio & advertising agencies. Get our latest prices. Prices depend upon the volume and complicate level of the images and the category of services according to your requirements.  We provide you with a manual Quotation upon retrial of your images. If you need a Quotation for your images, don’t hesitate to send us a request for a QUOTATION to predict the cost for your images to be edited. We will send you a Quotation within 40 to 45 minutes with your done Test images. 

Why Clipping Path CA is the Best Photo Restoration Service Provider?

Photo restoration services are one of the most critical and widespread services that we offer to our clients. Precious things like old photos are very important to humans. That’s why it is challenging for us to make you smile by restoring your photo and thus keeping your memories clean and clear.  

To restore your Damaged Photo, you can upload or email a copy of the photo to us. After scanning a high-resolution image of your damaged Photos, we will be able to start the process of restoration. Our preference is to provide you with a copy near to the original one, in the place of your ruinous one.  

After getting your digital copy of the image, we will scan it and gather what you want. We will let you know which services are needed to restore your damaged photos, Primary, Medium, and Extreme services for your photo.

There are no obligations until you accept and remit a deposit, and up to then, all  kinds of assessments are free.  

After receiving a confirmation message from you, our photo restoration  techniques will start to work on your photograph. Your photos will be retouched carefully with the use of the latest technology. 

And in some cases severely damaged photos can take several hours or several days for obtaining a version close to the original one. Your satisfaction is our top  priority and we will mend to make it perfect until it satisfies your criteria. Your good  reviews encourage us to work further and to continue these works. 

We tried our best to deliver your photograph within three days but the severely damaged photo can take a long time to restore. But we try our best to deliver you on time. From the very day your order has been taken, you can monitor the progress of  your photo restoration process. 

 You can visit us at our other services. To visit, click the link and check our portfolio.

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Photo Restoration Services

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Get your images within your turnaround. You will just download your images. If you need any further changes, let us know about that. We will do any revision work for your images.

Photo Restoration Services Categories

We provide a variety of services in Photo Restoration as our client’s requirements like:

☑️ Restore your damaged and blurry photos

A photograph can be destroyed due to artificial or man-made causes. We can restore your destroyed picture by taking some steps. Sometimes photos are destroyed by water, such images look lost forever. Though the photo’s color is washed out and faces are not recognized we can help the clients. Turning blurred photos into a  sharp one is also one of our provisions.

☑️ Improves photos quality and Editing

It is almost impossible to take a picture perfectly by almost any photographer. Sometimes because of photo-taking devices’ picture quality is not good enough. We can enhance the quality and beauty of the images through editing according to the photographer’s wish.
We will give a special offer just for you if you are working for an Agency or have an E-commerce website.

We have the experience of editing for Photography Agencies and E-commerce businesses. Our services are second to none in editing and retouching.

☑️ Colored your discolored photos and remove stains

Photos color fades over time. Luckily, we are here to serve you with upgraded technology and color your discolored photo. We can even make your photo more colorful than it previously was.  

By removing stains and blemishes we can serve you a smooth image. The photo’s stain and blemish ruined your picture. We can help you to remove these stains from your photo as such the original new one.

☑️ Restore old photos and improvement of images quality

Every family possesses some age-old photos which are the real treasures for the members of the family. But with time, those photos can be damaged and sometimes even be lost. We realize the value of your photos and thus our efforts to restore them and try to present old picture restoration as the most useful thing with new technology.  

☑️ Refine and Realistic look of your photo

By retouching methods, we can make the pictures more refined and flawless. Which gives you the feeling that you took the pictures just a few days ago. 

We can retouch and highlight to raise the contrast in the picture, which makes images more realistic.

☑️ Remove unnecessary elements stitch torn photos

Taking a perfect shot is the result of a fine mixture of technical skills and imaginative vision. But an occasional tourist or unwanted background can be the reason for a wasted photo. By removing unnecessary subjects or elements you can get a fair and perfect photo. 

Photos can be torn due to various reasons. You can feel free to get the service to recreate the picture from very scratch. We can stitch your torn photos and remove the merging lines and thus can reconstruct the photo.

Benefits You Get From Working With Clipping Path CA

As a client, you should look into the benefits you will get from working with Clipping Path CA. The benefits are uncountable. But still, for your better understanding, we have listed some primary benefits below:-

So, what are you waiting for? Get your images done in the best way with Clipping Path CA.

Customers reviews

I have worked with different companies and providers. Clipping Path CA has served the most satisfactory services so far.
Adam Sendler
Clipping Path CA has a sense of professionalism, and they are sincere about their work. I loved the images they edited for me. As a photographer, I ask for nothing but perfection.
Mila Kunis
The final result after a revision was incredible. They know how to adapt to mistakes and can work on them fast.
Mike Stuart
Studio Manager

Prices For Photo Restoration Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wіth Photo Restoration Services, all thеѕе рrоblеmѕ can be dealt with.

Answer: Photo restoration services are necessary for cherishing your old memories. And for preserving your memories we stitch torn photos, recover images, colorize your blacks and white photo, restore brightness, light effects spots and also resize the photo along with its borders.

Answer: The photo restoration service is done by following some steps. At first, we need to have a clear view of clients’ expectations of the final product. And after getting your digital copy we start our work. By using software like  Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Corel paint shop, Apple Aperture we recover damaged photos. But in some severe cases, we need to use the newest techniques to repair it.

Answer: Photos are faded over time naturally. To recover a faded photo, our company has some powerful editors, who have expertise in photo editing. We repair those Photos using Photoshop, Color correction, Layers, Masks,  Curves, and Adjustment Layers.

Answer: We always try our best to deliver your photos within 2 or 3 days.  But sometimes it becomes impossible to deliver photos in between this time because of severe damages in the photo.

Answer: Absolutely, you can get your order faster. To deliver your photos early, our technicians have to work harder. That’s why we charged you a little bit extra to appreciate our technicians for their hard work and efforts.

Answer: Yes, we do. You can try our free trials to judge our work before giving us any project to handle.

Answer: After getting a scanned copy, we started to edit it. Using editing tools like  Photoshop, Contrast, Picasa, and Lightroom to mend simply damaged the pictures.  And to solve your problems we have some experts specialized in using editing software.

Answer: Photos are essential elements to capture our valuable memories.  When those photos are damaged because of water, humidity, sunlight, and dirt it’s really heartbreaking. After that, through cropping, repairing the photograph’s tone,  removing scratches and dust marks, fixing tears or missing portions we can restore your photo almost the same as the new one.

Answer: To mend damaged photos better you should at least keep the resolution  300DPI. But it would be better to keep the image’s resolution 400/ 600DPI for better editing.

Answer: Damaged, discolored photos need photo Restoration services. Damaged photos mean torn, blurry, faded photos. Through photo Restoration services you can get the chance to restore your vintage photo, to decorate your photo gorgeously. Colorize your black and white photo, do some editing and image color restoration and renew your old photos.

Answer: We allow unlimited revisions. If you are unsatisfied with the editing, request a free correction and give us further instructions to correct our mistakes.


  • To send us your photo, just click on “Place an Order” and insert your damaged photos. Write down the criteria that you want. 
  • You can also send us the scanned copy. In that case, just Make sure that the minimum resolution of your photo is 300DPI, it will be ideal to further keep the resolution 600 DPI or above it.

We have 24/7 customer support. If you have face any problem with calculated pricing Please feel free to contact us.