An Advance Guide on Product Photography for Amazon, eBay, Shopify Sellers

Product photography is an important part of the field of Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. This product photography often determines the further procedures that the seller needs to access. Thus, a guide on product photography is a must for this purpose. 

In this writing, we will break down this topic and offer you a thorough insight into an advanced guide on product photography for Amazon.

What is Amazon photography?

what is amazon photography?

Amazon can be referred to as an American multinational technology company. It is one of the largest online retailers and a prominent cloud service provider. 

Product photography can be both online and offline. Amazon product photography refers to those photos that are taken for product selling in the e-commerce space. This photography technique can be defined as a strong impression through which one seller is motivated to buy any items from the online shops.

Amazon product pictures define the further routes for the product. On the other hand, good photography is a must to increase the sell. So, ultimately, the whole process of the economy which runs through Amazon depends on these amazon product pictures.

Amazon photos are a significant part of this field of online business. We can mention some fundamental reasons why these photos are important. These are given below:

Connecting the consumers

Amazon photos are important because these photos make the consumers connected with the products. The image which is shown on the product detail page can be said as the main image. This main image mainly derives from the consumer picking that specific product into the cart. 

To Arouse Interest

Product photographs are the main element that arouses the interest of the consumers to see more products or related products. For this reason, photos play a vital role in this regard.

Increase Conversion Rates

Visual data plays an important role than other sources of data. For this reason, the human brain is more likely to receive photographs. So, that’s how the product increases the conversion rates.


Product photography is one of the most important elements of branding. It creates an individual style for the product that helps to create this as a brand.

In this regard, we can say that amazon photography plays an important role in the e-commerce dimension, and that’s why this has to be given much importance.

Amazon seller photo requirements

Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon product images are the first thing that is noticed by any consumer. This amazon product photography has some sort of requirements. These are elaborated below:

Technical Prerequisites

The technical prerequisites mention that the dimensions which are used should be larger than 1000 pixels on a single side. The minimum and maximum image dimensions are respectively 500 pixels and 10000 pixels. The ratio of the images should be 1:1 square, and the dimensions must be 2000 x 2000. The maximum zoom length is given by amazon, and the aspect ratio is 5:1.

The maximum file size, which is preferred by Amazon is 10 Mb. On the other hand, amazon allows JEPG, TIFF, and GIF files. But the JEPG format is mostly appreciated. The photo cropping has to be well defined. By doing this, the excess scenarios in the picture could be removed very easily.

The Image Sizes

The photo size that should be used for Amazon product photography is 2000 x 2000. The aspect ratio is 1:1 over here. If there is any necessity, the pictures should be compressed. Because Amazon will compress the files to their requirements. Thus, you can do this on your own to ensure the quality of the photos.

Design Requirements

Amazon product photography has some sort of design requirements as well. The thumbnail photos are also given importance over here. Through the design, the product listing also plays an important role. Where the consumers will visit the site, and the consumers would prefer to see some sort of novelty in the photographs.

Main Image Guidelines

The first and foremost requirement of the main image guideline is given below:

▶️ Professional one

All images have to be professional. The images could be both model photography and flat lay photography. Hence, these products have to maintain professionalism.

▶️ Color contrast

The seller has to be very conscious about the color. The picture has to show the real color of the product. This would attract the consumer to buy the product. 

▶️ Additional Objects

The image shouldn’t contain additional objects. The additional things would confuse the consumer about the real product. This would also lead to miscommunication between the consumer and seller. 

▶️ Background

The background of the picture has to be clean. The excessive objects from the background have to be removed. On the other hand, the background has to be most preferably white. 

Zoom Effect

The photograph has to be large enough that the consumer can see every single part of the picture by zooming. The length could be 1000 to 2500 pixels.

Add More Images

This feature ensures that the consumer can see through every single detail from different dimensions. For this reason, the consumer has to be shown pictures of the important parts of the specific product.

Usage of the Product

The product should showcase the proper use of the product. The consumer should know what he or she wants to do with this product. By this, they could buy the necessary product for themselves.

Clear Image

The image which will be used in the amazon product listing has to be clear. Because no one wants to see a blurred picture. For this reason, the requirement is one of the most important ones.

Specific Guidelines

Amazon has a few more requirements in the context of some specific products. For example, the clothes have to be portrayed by a model or flat lay photography. On the other hand, the infant clothes have to be flat-laid photography.

So, we can see that there is some sort of specific requirements about Amazon photography that should be met to sell the product.

For more information, see Amazon Picture Requirements In 2022: A Detailed Guide For Sellers.

How do I get started in amazon product photography?

How do I get started in amazon product photography?

Amazon product photography has a few guidelines that have to be checked to get started with the photography. These guidelines are given below:

Make a plan

Everything starts with a specific plan. This plan includes the branding method. That means the plan would be how to make the product a distinct product in the e-commerce field. Then the path would be decided along with the plan.

Prepare the Products

The initial step to taking pictures of products that are supposed to be sold is, preparing them to be photographed. We can consider the clothes in this regard. The clothes have to be cleaned as well as the seller also has to pay attention to the buttons which should be in place.

Another important thing to be noticed is the loose threads. If there is any loose thread, that has to be fixed in the very first place. This preparation of clothing will save time from re-shooting.

The same goes for any sort of accessories. That needed to be prepared and cleaned, then you can photograph those items.

Studio and Equipment Setup

The studio works as a metaphor; it doesn’t need to be a professional one rather, the photographer can select the desired open space. One has to make sure that, the area should be cleaned of any unwanted items.

The camera setting has to be given the top priority because the latter part of photography depends on this notion. As soon as the camera is set and the studio setting is ready, we can proceed to the next step. The photographer should start the photography session by taking the test shots to ensure the setting is right or not.

Using a Tripod

Flexible Camera Tripod

On the other hand, one can also use a tripod. Selecting a sturdy tripod is very beneficial for studio photography because it can easily eliminate the unexpected camera shake caused by the hand holding the tripod.

The photographer also has to take care that the batteries are well charged, and carry extra batteries in case they are needed, the memory cards, and other accessories as a backup in case they need those things during the shoot.

More information can be found in 10 Essential Tools For Photography That Every Photographer Needs.

Perfect the lighting

The lighting plays a major role in how the photographs would look. The photographer can use both natural light and artificial light. If natural light is the medium, the photographer has to pay attention to the sunlight and its area coverage.

Background is key

This is very important. It makes you look professional, which is key to selling those products. The most important rule to selling the products is the pictures. So the photographer has to make sure there’s nothing in the background.

He/she needs to buy a plain wood background. If they don’t want to invest any money for the background, they can simply use any plain white clothing. They just need to ensure that the background is clean.

Details have to be considered

The details of the photographs must be considered. The details convey in-depth information about the cloth. The cloth can have a zipper or buttons, there can be any sort of embroidery works, and it can contain patchwork; these are some of the special attributes that could be photographed.

The more details you showcase within your product imagery, the fewer likely customers will be to return the items.

Product Size

The product size has to be considered with huge attention. The product should not be photographed in a way that it looks smaller or larger than the real product. These problems will lead to poor rates of shopping from the consumer side.

Take the Photos

This step is the most important. The fundamental part of product photography is the clothes that’s why the consumer should get the proper view of every detailed part of the product.

The camera position has to be made sure as well as the models. The best option to take the perfect photo to sell the product is to take a bunch of photos from various angles and postures. Then it will be much easier to choose the best photo among them.

Edit the Photos

The final step of the process for taking photos of clothes to sell is to edit the photographs. Editing the pictures doesn’t mean adding any sort of filters but rather correcting the lighting and they are all consistent and of the same quality. The pictures should be cropped properly.

Consumers want the real color of the product. For this reason, the color contrast should also be taken into consideration. On the other hand, the seller has to make sure that, the photograph shouldn’t indicate any fake attribute of the cloth by editing too much.

Ignoring the Impressive Features

The first job of the photographer is to recognize the main subjects of the product. The important features often remain unnoticed due to this mistake. The seller has to know what makes the product stand out from its competitors. The interesting features have to be photographed differently.

Overcomplicating the Photos

Overcomplicating images means adding too many things to the photograph. This often takes the viewer’s eye away from what they should look for. For this reason, a picture shouldn’t contain any sort of overpowering elements.

In fine, we can say that getting started with product photography is an important task for any beginner, but it gets easier when you know the proper guideline about the starting point, which has been mentioned earlier.

How much does it cost to take product photos?

Product photography is one of the most important elements in this sphere of amazon’s photography. The costs of this photography are discussed below:

First of all, you need to understand whether you need a product photographer or you can do that on your own. When the seller is producing the products for a huge marketplace, he or she requires a professional product photographer.

If the products are for amazon or other e-commerce sites, high-quality visuals are needed in this field. For this reason, professional ones are needed. On the other hand, if you have an online shop, then you can get yourself a photographer to gain the trust of the consumers.

Freelance Photographers

Freelance photographers refer to those photographers who work individually on any sort of photography project. Now we can consider the cost of the product photos when we keep in mind to hire any freelance photographer.

If you hire any freelance photographer, you can have different types of benefits. Here we can see that this type of photographer travels alone. For this reason, the cost is very reasonable in this regard.

Then you can have a freelance photographer at an easy rate. Because you can negotiate with him or her. These kinds of photographers are often hired by a networking system. Here maybe some of the family members know one photographer, and he can refer that photographer to you. So this can be a trusted contact.

On the other hand, we can see that these photographers can lack experience. They don’t have the proper experience in the product photography area. These photographers work individually for this reason; they can be booked. These photographers often don’t have a studio of their own. For this reason, they can’t provide every single opportunity to the seller.

So, we can say that this type of photography is somewhat cheap but there are other obstacles.

Full-service studios

These studios have a permanent physical location. These types of photographic studios have a huge experience in the photographic field.  They often do commercial work. These studios have enough staff. For this reason, you can find them available at your desired time. Their studios have a lot of equipment. These types of equipment can help you to get more from a photographer.

Here comes another fact, these studios are often more expensive than the freelancer ones. Also, these studios work with huge projects. The simple works often are ignored by them.

On the other hand, you can negotiate with them and both of you can come to the same rate scale.

Price Per-photo

These photographs are often priced per photo. The rate of the photographs depends on the number of photos you are going to order.

If you are ordering a small number of pictures you will be charged more. On the other hand, if you order a large number of pictures you will be charged less than the previous option.

The Hour Pricing 

Whenever the photographic studios took your order, they often think about the hours, and then the rate is fixed. But this hourly rate is a large amount than the per-photo rate.

Because this per-picture rate doesn’t need any particular setting for one or two hours, the previous one can be done with just a background shift, but the latter has to be done with a huge effort.


The package deals with the other facilities as well. Here the package includes a specific setting for a target seller. This type of offer sometimes gives you a discount opportunity. For this reason, this package is beneficial for some particular clients.

Product photography can be affected by some sort of particular reason. For example, we can say that:

▶️ The specific product

If your product needs more space or a larger setting, then the price gets higher. The extra charges are for the preparation for the product photography.

▶️ The style

The style can be referred to as the background of the picture. How you want the background is an important question. If the background is plain white or black, that’s an easy task. But if there are many more contrasting ideas, you need to fulfill this. For this reason, the price will be higher than before.

▶️ Time duration

If the photograph is needed earlier, then the pricing will be higher rather than the normal time.

So we can say that the cost can vary from dedal to deal between the consumer and the freelancer or studio photography.

Read more: How To Reduce True Cost Of Photography Business – Best 10 Ideas.

Equipment & Set Up

product photography Equipment and setup

Product photography is one of the most important features of amazon sites. To make the photography session less time-consuming, the proper equipment and setup are a must.

The major ideas about the equipment and setup are given below:

Product photography is one of the most important features of amazon sites. To make the photography session less time-consuming, the proper equipment and setup are a must.

Use the proper equipment

By using the proper equipment for photography, the common mistakes can be reduced very easily.

A camera is the first thing you need for this product photography. We can say that a high-quality camera is really helpful in this regard. Mirrorless or DSLR would be a good fit for this.

A white background is a must. For this reason, you need a white box. On the other hand, you can use white seamless paper as a background too.

Then you need artificial light. Because lighting creates a huge impact in photography. LED or incandescent lamps could be a good fit for this.

Then all you need is a tripod. This would increase the picture quality. Thus, the blurriness could be removed as a barrier in the photographic session.

Right Camera Selection

best professional camera

If you want to click on good pictures, you need a good camera also. You can use DSLR cameras and a smartphone. When you have a digital camera, you have good control over your device. On the other hand, when you use a smartphone, the built-in features can not that much help you capture raw photos. [To learn more, see Top 10 best camera for professional photography in 2022 – Exposure Guide]

Camera Settings

The next job in the setup is to ensure the camera settings are proper. For example, if you are working with a white background, the camera setting should be; ISO 100, aperture between f/8 and f/16, and shutter speed 1/200th.

You should always click the pictures in a raw format. Because this would help the consumer to get to know the real images and characteristics of the product.

Camera Frame

The photographer has to take care of the technical aspects to create a good setup. Amazon photography has a requirement that the main object has to fulfill 85% of the total picture.

This gives the consumer a proper idea about the product. For this reason, they don’t get confused about what is the actual size of the product.

Tripod Use

The expensive cameras also can not help you sometimes when you end up taking a blurry shot. For this reason, you need a tripod.

It is a three-legged stand that holds the camera and helps to take pictures without the possibility of shaking the device.

You can buy a tripod for your smartphone as well as your DSLR camera too.

Artificial Light or Light-box

On the other hand, artificial light can be mentioned by the light-box, keeping consistency throughout the photography session. A lighting kit for beginners contains three lights so that you can implement a three-point lighting setup such as one key light, one fill light, and a back or hair light.

If you finally decide to use a smartphone, you should choose a regular light kit as there is no need to sync the light to your camera’s shutter.

Chair or table sweep

When you are taking pictures of a small product, you can use the chair or table sweep. To make this setup, all you need to do is the white paper to be set in front of the chair and then in the back put a spring clamp.

Multiple Camera Angles

As a photographer, you need to identify the best position for product photography. By doing this, the consumers will get a detailed idea about the product they want to buy. Thus, the chances of repeating customers will also increase.

Select the Editing Software

Sometimes your picture needs a last touch-up with an editing app. By editing the picture, you can’t create a fake scenario; rather, all you need to do is ensure the color contrast is right or not.

Some online photo editors that could help you in this process are fotor and GIMP.

In fine, we can say that these types of equipment and setup can help you to capture perfect pictures for your amazon product photography.

How to do product photography for amazon?

taking shots from different angles

To get started with product photography, you need to focus on some sort of things. Let’s see how to do product photography for amazon:

Preparation for the products

The first thing you need to do is, prepare the products for the photographic session. You need to clean the product and look after every detail. Then you can proceed toward the next step.

Place into the setting

The next step is to make the setup and place the product considering the types of equipment as well. For example, you can place the product by chair or table sweep. On the other hand, you can use flat lay photography too.


The lighting plays a major role in how the photographs would look. The photographer can use both natural light and artificial light.

If natural light is the medium, the photographer has to pay attention to the sunlight and its area coverage. On the other hand, artificial light can be mentioned by the light-box, keeping consistency throughout the photography session.


The background plays an important role in photography. The background has to be white and excessive objects have to be removed from there.

Take the Photos

This step is the most important. The fundamental part of product photography is the clothes that’s why the consumer should get the proper view of every detailed part of the product.

Edit the Photos

The final step of the process for taking photos of clothes to sell is to edit the photographs. Editing the pictures doesn’t mean adding any sort of filters but rather correcting the lighting and they are all consistent and of the same quality.

So, by following these steps, we can take pictures for amazon photography.

How to Take Amazon Product Photography at Home – Best tips

You can take pictures of amazon products at home by following some tips. Let’s figure out what the tips are:

List Down The Requirements

At first, you need to figure out what sort of products you need to conduct the photographic session at home. After making a list of those things, you need to gather them and get started with photography.

Set the pieces of equipment

The next job is to set the types of equipment. These are the base of any photographic session. We can mention some of them: white background, background stand, artificial light, softbox, light stand, etc.

Shooting Table

A shooting table is an important piece of equipment for product photography. Making a shooting table for amazon product photography is an easy task. To make this table, first of all, get a table that is a minimum of 4 ft long. Then you need to set the background and stand behind it.

Set the Camera

The next job is to ensure the camera settings are proper. Set the ISO to 100. This will make sure that the image noise is minimum. The aperture has to be between f/8 to f/16. The last thing you need to do is set the shutter speed to 1/200th of a second.

Edit the Pictures

At last, you need to edit the pictures with any online software. But you need to make sure that there shouldn’t be filters that make your product look artificial. All you need to do is, remove the excess items and set the color contrast properly.

So we can see that, by following these steps, we can take pictures for amazon at home.

Why “Clipping Path CA” is the best service provider for Amazon product editing?

reliable clipping path service

Clipping Path CA is world-leading outsourcing image editing and pro photo editing company. Editing is a must for every single picture. The editing enables the pictures to look much better in quality. This job is done by Clipping Path CA.

Clipping Path CA is the best choice for the amazon product photo editing service. Let’s take an overview of this:

Skilled Professionals

Clipping Path CA offers you skilled professionals who work flawlessly for your particular image. They are well experienced, and they are responsible enough to do the job.


Maintaining quality is the prime responsibility of the professionals of Clipping Path CA. They ensure the proper quality of the pictures. They offer you a free trial, and that’s why you get to know their capability.


Clipping Path CA ensures two-way communication with the clients. Also, they give some helpful suggestions to the clients. So, you should choose this company if you want a proper communication system. 

Data Protection

Clipping Path CA keeps your data safe. Images are important documents, and that’s why they consider this their responsibility. That’s why your image and copyright remain safe if you work with Clipping Path CA.


Clipping Path CA values your money and time. That’s why they don’t cost you much. But you need to consider the other factors, whether they are giving you other opportunities along with this or not.

In fine, we can say that Clipping Path CA gives you the best opportunity and service in the photo editing sector. That’s why choosing this company will be the best decision.

Clipping Path Service Free Trial

Questions and Answers for Amazon product photography

How do you photograph products on Amazon?

The pictures which you will take for Amazon have to be professional ones. They must be clear and exhibit the actual color, including the required product frame.

How do I get a white background on Amazon?

You can use a whiteboard, white paper, or a white wall for a white background. On the other hand, you can find a lot of white background material in the market.

Is white background necessary for Amazon?

Yes, white background is necessary for amazon. By doing this, the product outlines can be easily seen, which is not visible in any other background. [To learn more, see How to Take Pictures with White Background for Amazon, eBay, Walmart like Pro]

Can you use Manufacturer photos on Amazon?

Yes, on certain products you can use. The manufacturers can provide you with images, and there is no problem with the site and source.

Wrap up

Amazon is the largest e-commerce space. For the amazon sites, the photograph is an important document. Thus, there go some requirements for amazon product photography. The photography needed some special pieces of equipment and setup. This thing helps the seller to get along with the online business. 

On the other hand, you can hire a professional photographer as well as you can make the setup at home and do it by yourself. Hence, Clipping Path CA is considered to be the leading company in this discipline. 

We have gathered information from different sources to make this article an informative one. Hopefully, you can make good use of this information and expand your business on Amazon.

About the author:

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

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