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How to Take Pictures with White Background for Amazon, eBay, Walmart like Pro

how to take pictures with white background

If you want to make your position strong in Amazon, eBay, Walmart, then read on how to take pictures with white background.

Taking pictures of products with white background is the demand of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and it is one of the best policies of the business. Basically, the off-white background reflects the product’s beauty in a sharp manner. Also, by taking a white screen background, the presentation looks more professional. 

Product presentation is one of the major issues if you want to be a best seller of Amazon. In that case, background plays such a significant role in highlighting and present your product. It is quite challenging because there is an issue of color contrast as well. 

The solid white background gives a clear idea of the product’s shape and presents the product in such an elegant manner.  

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Regarding taking pictures with white background, you have to think on both sides. Firstly, you can take photos with a white background. If you can not take photos with a white background, you can also use a different photo editor to create a white background. There are few ways that you can follow. 

However, by following those tips and steps, you can easily create a white background and create an extremely professional look. 

How many ways can you take pictures with white background?  

best ways on taking pictures with white background

In this writing, we give you the 9 best ways on taking pictures with white background. And also, we give you the idea of being able to create white background photographs like a pro. So, do not wait; follow the write-up. 

Method 1. LightBox with white surface 

LightBox with white surface

You can easily use a box of white surfaces. There are many available boxes in which you can put the product and do a photoshoot. It will not cost a huge amount. 

Instead, you can get it in your home. First, you have to think about the perfect shape and size. After that, put your lights in the box carefully. It will create a unique professional look. This lightbox can be arranged on a low budget but will bring outstanding output. 

Method 2. White tent

White tent

In your home, if there are kids, then you might find tents. If the tent is white, that is even better. The tent can give you as much perfection as the box can. You can also purchase it and also can make it as well. 

The white tent would be a stronger background than a box. You can conduct the photoshoot in a relaxed manner. If your object or product is small or medium in size, it could be one of the best ways. So, try this. 

Method 3. White art paper

White art paper

White art paper can be used in setting the white background. White art paper will be easy to arrange. Set the paper on a strong and smooth surface. You have to use the paper in the background, on the other sides, and in the lower portion of the image. That means you will make a boundary shape for the product so that other unwanted things around the product won’t bother you. 

Method 4. Whitewall


Whitewall is one of the most beneficial ones. Why? This white wall is already ready for Photography. You do not need to set anything for that. The whole wall is painted, and your tension for setting the background is not there anymore. Even if there is no white wall, you can paint any of the walls in your room and complete the product photoshoot within less. 

Method 5. White poster board

Poster Board is also another best idea for the white background. Basically, this poster board will give you the best comfort for your Photography. 

The thicker surface will create a hundred percent professional look in the image. You can purchase it as you are dreaming of being a successful business person in Amazon, then you must have to do those things and give efforts that bring beneficial results for your sales.

This one will be fashionable.

Method 6. Foamboard 

This time you are going to experience something which is soft and smooth and strong as well. In actuality, the foam board is stronger than paper but softer than the hardboard or wooden board. It is easy to carry. You can easily set this in any place. 

These boards are mostly used in product photoshoots. Also, in the model photoshoot session as well.

These boards are mostly used in product photoshoots. Also, in the model photoshoot session as well.

Method 7. Painted Medium Density Fiberboard 

This is one of the wooden boards you can use as background. There is a mixture of hard and softwood, So, this one can be a strong surface. 

Using a strong surface is a wise decision all the time. One thing you should remember, this board is thick and contains a good weight. In that case, do not think about the large size; it can cause tension for you. Also, you can face difficulties moving this board.

So, you just have to purchase a medium-density fiberboard and paint it. And enjoy Photography. 

Method 8. White fabric 

White fabric is one of the most comfortable backgrounds. This is so budget-friendly. Also, it is there in your home already. Fabrics are the softest and comfortable materials that you can position at any angle. It can give you a comfortable experience. 

Remember one thing; you can carry this from here and there. One problem that you can face is it could move a lot. In that situation, try to resist the air so that you have the opportunity to complete your Photography in such a systematic process. 

Method 9. Melamine 

Melamine can be considered as a shiny and strong background. This is because melamines are of a good, strong, and shiny surface. In reality, you will find melamine sheets that are smooth and easy to clean. It will give a crystal clear image. Moreover, you do not have to panic about the size. Most importantly, you can move it according to your wish. 

These were the ideas that you can use as white backgrounds. 

Interestingly, in every case, you have to use a few things, which is a must. To get a progressive result, follow the following tips and tricks.

14 basic things you should follow!

Interestingly,  in every case,  you have to use a few things and that is a must. To get a progressive result follow the following tips and tricks.

1. Standard camera quality 

best professional camera

Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony offer a number of cameras with a budget-friendly amount. So choose a standard lens for your Photography. You can also use digital cameras and mobile cameras. But make sure that your camera quality is good. 

2. Perfect lighting 

Light is one of the major facts, so set the light wisely. For example, you can take studio light or natural light but set it carefully at a standard distance.  

Setting the light could be your masterstroke. However, if you fail to specify the light correctly, then picture quality can be disappointing. 

3. Umbrella 

Umbrella is another important tool for Photography. It will again brighten the white background. It actually softens the picture and controls the lighting. 

4. Shooting table 

A shooting table is mandatory for clicking the product’s image. It helps in an excellent manner to place the product. 

5. Tripod

Flexible Camera Tripod

You Can use a tripod. Tripod will make the picture still in such a very specific manner. It will help your camera not to move the focus. If the camera is stable, the quality, focus, reflection, and other issues also remain stable. 

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6. Smooth surface 

If the surface is smooth, then placing the product is easier. Also, a smooth surface helps to reflect the light in the proper way. It does not create a shadow or any other chaos in your picture.  

7. Using flash 

Try to use a bright background. You can use the camera’s flash and reflect it in the background. You can use flashlights in the background as well. It does not require a vast amount. Instead, investing in flash will bring you Success. 

8. Balance the reflection of the background 

With knowing the things which you should do, also see what you should not. Yes, you got it correct. Do not exaggerate the flash or the lighting. Try to be rational and balanced. Be very wise in maintaining the balance. It is not like the light is too bright, which means it will increase the beauty of your product. But, on the other hand, it can cause mismanagement and irritation as well in the picture. 

9. Getting ideas from renowned brands

As you are going to take pictures with white background, there might be a struggle in illustrating the light color products. In that case, research more and more products of some renowned brands to get an idea about the product representation.

10. Focusing the product

Focus on the product. Surrounding should not be the main focus; that is only to support the object. Most importantly, white background helps your image to be focused.

11. Taking shots from different angles

taking shots from different angles

Taking pictures from different angles will make the customer confidence. Try to represent the specifications and show them. If you show the actual features in the image, that can make you a successful seller. Your audience will understand you are sensible and customs friendly. 

12. Size

Try to focus and illustrate the actual size. You should maintain the ratio about the size. Size matters to the audience. If anyone wants to purchase a ring, then they have to know the actual size. Do not create any fake concept. It can harm your impression.

13. Color 

Try to keep the original color. Taking pictures with white background is the reason for maintaining the actual color. The white background will help the audience to focus on the actual product image so that they do not lose their focus. 

14. Clean and fresh 

Be genuine, clean, and fresh in presenting the product. A neat and clean picture with a white background will soothe the audience’s mind. 

How to photograph Amazon products with white background

amazon product photography

Now you will know about the steps that you should follow to complete the product photography with white background for Amazon.

  • Firstly you have to set the white background. It could be according to your comforts. This is the first step and you need to do it carefully.  Also, try to make it smooth.
  • Then fix the shooting table. This shooting table will be the surface where you are going to put your product so select a flat and wide surface so that you do not face any struggle in placing the product.
  • Set lights. Try to maintain the standard distance from the shooting table. Light has the ultimate power to take you to the highest position.
  • Put the umbrellas behind the lights. So that, the lights can not go out and all the place rather it reflects on the product. These umbrellas need to cover the area where the product is set.
  • Now,  you should be standing with a camera or set the tripod and take snaps from different angles.
  • When you are done with clicking, move the pictures on your computer or laptop. Knock the image editing company and start editing. Though it is taken with a white background still edit the background and image both carefully.
  • Do not forget to beautify the image. If you follow these steps one by one and take pictures,  I do believe you can definitely shine and will get the highest positive result.  Follow these steps and take pictures with white background successfully.
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Taking pictures with white background is important instead, but it is also the demand of time. Reaching the business target is more important. Fulfilling the requirement of Amazon is also mandatory. To fulfill these rules, you are also learning to spend your time on some productive tasks. 

In this writing, we have arranged the ideas for you. This is for your help and to make your journey comfortable. I hope you find it productive. 

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