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How to change skin color in Photoshop; Get your desired PhotoLook!

How to change skin color in Photoshop

Do you like photography? Do you want to learn about how to change skin color in photoshop?

Nowadays, changing skin color in photoshop has become quite popular. Changing skin color in Photoshop is not a difficult task at all. What you have to do is to play some tricks.

You just have to make some corrections in your image using Photoshop tools. Here we will tell you how to change someone’s skin color in Photoshop. If you want to learn this, keep reading us below.

You are willing to change skin color in Photoshop. So, you might have opened the image in Photoshop. Now you have to follow the steps given below.

Change your skin color

You are willing to change skin color in Photoshop. So, you might have opened the image in Photoshop. Now you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Duplicate the photo’s background layer.

If you want to change skin color in Photoshop, first, you have to duplicate the photo’s background. Don’t know how to do this?

It’s so simple. Just click on the Layer option and drag this to the Create New Layer icon. In this way, you can make a new layer of the background. And this is called background copy.

Step 2: Select the skin tone or color. 

As you want to work on the skin, you will need to separate it. You can do this by using the Color Range tool.

For this, go to the menu bar. Then click on the Select button. Many options will show up. Among them, you will see the Color Range option. Click on this option.

Color Range option

Then you will see the bellowed menu will open up.

Color Range Menu

At the top of the menu, there is a drop-down sign. Click on it, and you will find the option ‘Skin Tones’. If you click on Skin Tones, the Photoshop software will automatically select skin tones from your image.

Skin Tones in photoshop

After this, at the bottom, you will find the selection preview menu. There you have to select White Matte

White Matte in photoshop

After doing this, your image would look like that-

Fuzziness slider in photoshop

Next, you have to go to the Fuzziness slider. No matter if your hair or clothing is also get selected at this stage. 

color range skin tones in photoshop

The selection will look like this-

selection image

Step 3: Refine the selection

To get the effects to look more natural, you have to make the rough edges smooth. You can do this by using the Refine Edge tool. You will get this tool in the Select drop-down area, or it can be hidden.

To find this, you have to hold down the Shift button. Then go through the menu bar and choose Select & then the Select and Mask option.

Select and Mask option

Then the Refine Edge menu will show up.

Refine Edge menu in photoshop

Now go to the radius and edge settings. The results can be like this or something similar to that.

radius and edge settings in photoshop

So your final and refined selection will look like this much smooth-

final and refined selection in photoshop

Step 4: Make corrections to the skin tone.

Suppose you want to give your photo a tan look. For this, you have to use three tools. 

These are-

  • Exposure
  • Brightness/Contrast &
  • Saturation/Hue

While your skin tones are kept selected, go to Adjustments above the Layer menu and click on it.

Adjustments Layer menu in photoshop

By doing this, you will see all the adjustment tools.

adjustment tools in photoshop

The Exposure tool is used for making the skin lighter or darker. Let’s show you how to do the darkening.

In the menu, make the Exposure a little lower, till the skin looks a bit darker. You have to do this while viewing the image.

When you lower the Exposure, you will inevitably lose a little detail from your image. To recover this, you have to enhance the Gamma Correction a little bit.

Exposure tool in photoshop

Now the image will look like that-

Gamma Correction in photoshop

The exposure layer will look like this in the Layer panel. 

exposure layer panel

Now hold down Ctrl (Windows) Cmd (Mac) and simultaneously select the black mask in the Exposure layer. It will cause the reselection of the skin tone area.

Now, return to the Adjustments panel. Then select Saturation/Hue. This tool is used for making color changes.

By increasing the Saturation, your skin tones will get back a little life.

SaturationHue in photoshop

Your photo will look like this now.

Saturation skin tones in photoshop

Again, you have to hold down Ctrl (Windows) Cmd (Mac) and select the black mask in the Exposure layer at the same time and select the skin tone again.

Exposure layer skin tone

Now, return to the Adjustments panel again and select the Brightness/Contrast and increase them.

BrightnessContrast in photoshop

You have almost done it. This is what your image will now look alike-

Gamma Correction in photoshop

Step 5: Give your image the final touches.

The final step is to remove the dullness from your image and clean up the selection.

If some areas of the image areas get not selected in the first steps, you can select them to paint with a brush by your hand. For this, select the black mask in the Exposure layer and choose the Brush tool.

Brush tool in photoshop

As you are masking the unnecessary portion of your image, choose the white color. Select the color black when you make any corrections of masking.

corrections of masking

You can increase or decrease the brush size by using the key.

Now paint the unselected areas by zooming the image like skin nearer the hair or clothing.

Now you have to brighten your image manually to remove the dullness. It will give your image a full natural look. For this, choose the Background Copy layer.

Background Copy layer in photoshop

Now you have to select a tool named Dodge from the toolbar. 

Dodge toolbar in photoshop

At the top of the menu, choose Highlights in Range. Then change the Exposure below 30%. If you want to give your image a shiny impression, keep the Protect Tones unchecked.

Highlights in Range

Now watch your image. Paint on any bright areas using the Dodge tool while viewing it

Everything is done. Now your final Tan look will be just like this-

changing skin color in Photoshop image

Final thought for how to change skin color in photoshop

So, we have discussed changing skin color in Photoshop in this article. As you have read our full article, you might have already learned how to change skin color in Photoshop. Isn’t it so easy? So just follow our easy steps and get your desired skin colors in your images.

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