A Complete Guide to Property Photography (Interior and Exterior Real Estate Photography)

Those days are gone when buyers had to go to the real estate agencies to buy a property. Now a buyer surfs through different real estate websites and looks for a suitable property. And what grabs his attention are the attractive property photography photos.

If you are pursuing a career as a real estate photographer, you have to click shots that will attract buyers at first glance. Your only aim is to present the best view of the property to the clients. But how to do so? Are you struggling with the shoot? Are you looking for a complete guide that can help in this matter?

We have enlisted some basic rules and guidelines that a property photographer must follow. Please keep reading to know all of them.

What Is Property Photography?

property photography

Before we talk about the guidelines, you need to know what property/real estate photography is. You should know what you are dealing with.

Property photography, also known as real estate photography, refers to clicking detailed photos of a property that will help it getting sold. It includes both interior and exterior photography. As a photographer, your job is to present the property in the best possible condition.

This type of photography is mainly done for selling a property. Your photos should be able to make the buyers take a second look at the estate. There’s no point in real estate photography if your photos can’t attract buyers.

The Ultimate Guide for Property Photography

The demand for good property/real estate photographers is increasing day by day. This is why many photographers now want to start a career in property photography. Some even want to switch into this niche for better income. That’s why the competition is fierce. To stay in the competition, you don’t have any other choice but to take amazing photos.

There’s a lot of work to do for capturing a perfect shot. From planning the photoshoot to the real estate photo editing, you got to do all of them properly. We have mentioned some essential facts that are important but often get forgotten.

1.   Do Some Research

Small business planning

Doing some research about the property that you have to deal with is necessary. The area where the property is, the neighborhood, you need to have an idea about them.

Also, look up at some works of other photographers. It’s no harm to take inspiration and ideas from others. But yes, don’t just copy them. Try to think creatively too.

2.   Don’t Forget the Planning

Do some planning before the photoshoot. It’s not something that you can do instantly on the spot. You need to plan what type of photo you need, which areas to shoot when it’s the perfect time to do a photoshoot in that area, and many other factors.

Do all these planning the previous day of the photoshoot so that you don’t leave the property empty-handed, without taking any photo just because you haven’t planned it thoroughly.

3.   Necessary Equipment

Without proper equipment and gear, you can’t shoot. If you are thinking of using a mobile phone, I will suggest you drop the idea immediately. I’m not saying that you should buy all advanced-level equipment which costs a fortune. But you need some essential equipment like a DSLR camera, 2-3 types of lens, a tripod/monopod, etc. Start with primary equipment. There’s always a chance to add more to the kit in the future.

click a good shot - flashlight

4.   Prepare the Property

This part is often overlooked, resulting in unappealing photos. You should prepare the property before the photo session. By preparing, we indicate cleaning up the estate, repair damages, checking paint, adding or changing furniture if necessary, removing unnecessary objects, etc.

It’s necessary to do all these to present a neat and tidy property to the buyers.

5.   Choose the Timing

Choosing the best time for photography can help to a great extent. Visit the property before the shooting day and try to understand which time of the day will make the estate look more appealing. Most photographers like to shoot the exterior part in the morning when the sky is bright, and there’s enough sunlight. They choose afternoon time for the interior part when the light is not so bright, not so dim.

But if you don’t have time to wait for those perfect moments, do the photoshoot any time you want. The post-photography editing services can fix the photo for you. 

6.   Know Where to Capture

Make a list of which areas you need to cover. Agents generally urge the photographer to shoot the preferred areas by buyers, for example- the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, rooftop, etc. Also, you need to understand from which angle the estate looks more appealing. It would be best if you went for that angle.

7.   Shoot both Interior and Exterior

When it comes to real estate photography, you need to cover both the interior and exterior parts. Just seeing the property from outside or inside doesn’t give the perfect idea about the estate. Try to cover as much place as possible so that the buyer has a better idea about the property.

Shoot both Interior and Exterior

8.   Use Right Techniques

Using the right techniques can make property photography a lot easier. Try to shoot properties from a high angle. Many also use drones to capture the total property from up. Use a wide-angle lens while doing this type of photography. It makes the estate looking spacious. For interior shooting, choose a corner of the room to place your camera. In that way, you can cover the whole room in a frame.

9.   Post Photography production

You can’t guarantee that all photos will turn out amazing. Some many seem ordinary or worse. This is where to post photography production comes to the rescue. Numerous real estate photo editing services can help you to make your photos look extraordinary. Either choose them or edit the photos yourself.

10. Avoid Some Common Mistakes

Knowingly or unknowingly, photographers often make some mistakes, which can cost them a lot. For example- not having a shot list, not acknowledging market preference, using a flashlight directly while shooting, not using a proper lens, shooting from a low angle, etc. Avoid these mistakes for creating something stunning.

how to snap a picture quickly

Final Words

Taking property photography as a career can be a wise choice only if you can make customers attracted to the estate by your photos. And to do that, you need to follow all the instructions we have mentioned above. Not like these are the only things that you should keep in mind. But if you follow them, you can have most things under control.

Hopefully, the article was helpful for you. We wish you good luck with property photography.

About the author:

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

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