9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

Light rings for photography are very common in the photography world. A ring light is a useful device that many meaningful product photographers use. A ring light is a circular lamp, as the name suggests. A circular fluorophore tube or a large number of surface-mounted LEDs provide the majority of the lighting.

It’s a great way to give one’s scenes a much-needed boost in brightness, and it can also start providing soft, wonderful lighting that will instantly improve your photos. It is a simple and cheap method for beginning with studio photography, and with the correct strategy, it can look really beautiful.

If you are interested in photography, the light rings are a must-needed component for you. In this article, you will get to know about A Buyers guideline for 9 Best light rings for photography in 2023. So why are you waiting, read fast!

What is a ring light?

What is a ring light

A ring light is a simple, multifunctional lighting tool that gives users access to a consistent light source that comes from the camera’s point of view. A single circular fluorescence bulb or even several connected tiny Led bulbs that form a circle typically make up this lighting fixture.

In other words, light rings are a specific kind of photography equipment that, when used properly, can produce photographs that look both stunning and professional. These are a type of structured lighting that may be utilized to improve the image quality of photographs that are captured in low-light environments. Light rings are not only simple to install and operate, but they are also compatible with a wide range of lens and camera models.

Different Types of Light Rings 

Off-camera ring lights and on-camera ring lights are the two main types.

Off-camera lights are separate from the camera and can be moved wherever you want. On-camera lights are attached right to your camera and usually go all the way around it. But they both do the same thing.

The photographer will have even lighting from all sides thanks to the ring of light. You can use different types of ring lights just as LED light rings, Fluorescent light rings, Halogen light rings, etc. Find out in the later part which lights you should use!

Which type of ring light should you get, a fluorescent one or an LED one?

✅ LEDs are even more effective than fluorescent lights at transferring electrical power into light, even though fluorescent lights are significantly more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Therefore, LED ring lights seem to be the superior option when thinking about their impact on the environment.

✅ LEDs have a higher level of durability compared to fluorescent tubes. LEDs can usually withstand being handled roughly without being damaged. If fluorescent tubes separate, the toxic mercury that they contain will be released into the environment.

✅ LEDs are a good option to go with if the temperature in your home studio tends to rise quickly or if you don’t want your air conditioner to have to work as hard. They have a cold running temperature, in contrast to the warm glow of the tube lights.

✅ LEDs are likely to be a better option for you if you place a high priority on achieving accurate color rendering, for example, if you want skin tones that are more vibrant and natural. Make sure you know just what Color Rendering Index (CRI) worth is for the lights. You should take a glance for a worth of 90 or higher to get skin tones that are both vibrant and natural. To achieve the best possible results, a CRI of 95 or higher is recommended. This occurs more frequently with LEDs of higher quality than it does with fluorescent tubes.

✅ LEDs have a lifespan that is way greater than fluorescent tubes. On the other hand, a tube can be replaced. You can’t replace LEDs. When compared to the lifespan of an LED light, which can be measured in years rather than months, the useful life of a fluorescent tube can be measured in weeks or months.

✅ Fluorescent tubes that have seen their better days may buzz or hum, flicker, and produce less brightness than they did when they were new. On the other hand, LEDs rarely flicker, and I haven’t come all over any that produce noise.

A mains outlet is required for the operation of fluorescent tube lights. On the other hand, you could use a few LED ring lights using either a power adapter as well as batteries to power them. LEDs are a more convenient and secure option to consider if you intend to use one’s lights outside.

Benefits of Light Rings

Have you heard that ring lights have numerous advantages? Perhaps there were some that you were already familiar with. You’ll learn some of the best reasons to use ring lights and why they’re so beneficial in the following section.

Excellent Portraits

Ring lights enhance photography. Portraits, glamour shots, selfies, and makeup tutorials work well with them. They’re ideal for food and product photos.

Ring lights are flexible enough for other photography! If you’ve never used one but are considering buying one or you’ve already purchased one but don’t know how to use it, it’s time to learn about this versatile lighting equipment.

Even Lighting

Portraiture requires even lighting. Bouncing light around your subject’s face and body does this. Dark spots on one‘s face or eyes make them look unnatural. A ring light eliminates dark spots on the face caused by other lighting equipment.

Cheap cost

Ring flashes are inexpensive compared to studio lights and bounce boards. Good ones cost under $100, including batteries.

No Darkness

Ring lights eliminate harsh shadows as well as dark spots. Dark circles under one’s eyes and hairline are gone. Ring lights also help brighten the back of one’s face when taking selfies!

Focus Improves

Portraits benefit from ring lights’ even light distribution. Ring lights are better than strobes for macro photography because they produce sharper images without harsh shadows and hot spots. When you have a ring light, you can capture images anywhere without reflectors, tripods, or flashes!

Improved Lighting

Ring lights flatter faces. Lighting is crucial to photography. Bad lighting can wash out or ruin a photo. Ring lights are better than other lighting. Ring lights cast no shadows as well as dark spots like a tripod-mounted lightbulb or spotlight. This means that anyone photographed with one attached to one‘s camera phone will have flawless skin without knowing to edit out blemishes as well as shadows later!


Soft, even ring light flatters the face. It’s not harsh, so your face won’t turn yellow. The ring light’s natural look also helps make for beautiful portrait photography.

Vlogging Setup Starter

Vlogging beginners should start with a ring light. It’s also good for photography beginners who can’t afford or fit regular lighting equipment.

Ring lights are perfect for beginners in vlogging and photography because they are small and simple to use. Ring lights are cheaper than softboxes and studio lights you can normally find a good one for under $50!

Fill Light

Fill lighting, which softens shadows and evens out illumination, can be done with a ring light.

This makes skin look nice and blemish-free when photographing people. This type of lighting also adds depth and dimension to portraits, making them more visually appealing than photos taken with natural daylight from one side.

How much ring light cost

The price range for ring lights is typically between $50 and $500, and each light has its own set of capabilities.

Some models, for instance, can function as both a source of light for photographers and an adjustable lamp, whereas others are designed with a greater emphasis on photography and include characteristics such as LEDs that produce lighting that is accurate in terms of color.

Tips for Choosing the Right Light Ring

There are some tips by which you can choose the proper right light ring for yourself. The tips are-


Broader lights are softer. Thus, a bigger ring light is best for video production if all else is equal. 12, 14, as well as 18-inch Amazon sizes, work well. This same 12-inch is best for headshots. If you can afford it, get an 18-inch ring light.

Size numbers usually indicate outside diameter. The inner diameter of a light’s ring is a smaller number, such as 18 or 14 inches. The tube or LED ring is 4 inches wide.


Dimmable lights give you more control over subject lighting. Without a dimmer, you can only adjust lighting by moving the light farther from your subject. LEDs should dim more.

Color temperature

Need a color-temperature-adjustable light? If so, choose a Led bulb with this feature. I always run my lights at daylight color temperatures and never use the varying color temperature feature (5,500K). I could have saved money.


Colors look more natural as well as vivid with higher CRI values. Take a glance at 90+ or 95+ CRI. The CRI value may not be listed if the lights use low-quality lamps or LEDs.


Power options may benefit you. Rechargeable batteries allow you to take your light outside without tripping over cables.


The extra total area of fluorescent tube circle lights diffuses light. However, airflow over the ring’s front softens the light.

Rotatable Ring Head or Flexible Neck

Rotating the ring head is helpful, if not necessary. A moveable ring head lets you angle the light above and below your subject. The ring head can bounce light off the roof or light a lying subject if it rotates 90 degrees forward or backward. YONGNUO’s YN608 ring light doesn’t rotate. A light hang adapter could spin the ring head.

How to use effectively the light rings

➡️ Get creative with your ring light!

If you have an LED ring light and are interested in taking some interesting photos, you can safely let the model pose while wearing it after checking the temperature. While the results will change depending on the size of the ring light, and you’ll need to be careful with the cords and outlets, this is still a fun method to try out. Please don’t abuse it.

➡️ Just try a dragging shutter speed!

While the results of “dragging the shutter” can be stunning, this creative technique typically calls for the use of both flash and natural light.

On the other hand, if you have a ring light as well as a strobe, users can use the ring light as ambient fill, use their strobe, and slow their shutter speed to create some truly stunning effects. And while you can get some stunning results by dragging the shutter, you still need to be mindful of keeping your camera steady.

9 Best light rings for food, product, and jewelry photography

Razer Ring Light

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide
  • The temperature of color: 3,000 kelvin, 4,500 kelvin, and 6,500 kelvin
  • USB is the power supply
  • Measurements: 300mm outer diameter, 241mm inner diameter
  • Weight: 260g
  • Excellent light output, excellent construction, and a first-rate tripod are included as part of the package.
  • The only source of power is USB.

This Razer Ring Light measures 12 inches and can fulfill any of your lighting needs. The fact that it can only be powered by a USB port is the product’s only drawback; however, this is hardly a deal breaker, especially when one considers how high the light output is. They have not compromised on the construction quality either; in contrast to a good number of ring light sources, the Razer appears to be very sturdy and dependable.

There are options available that are both cheaper and brighter than this one, as well as an option that is more expensive but cordless called the Lume Cube Cordless 12″ Ring Light; however, we believe that this one strikes the ideal balance between portability, brightness, and price.

You will not be dissatisfied with your purchase of this incredible ring light with a diameter of 12 inches, which is ideal for use in video conferencing, video blogging, or live streaming.

Godox Wistro AR400 Ring Flash and LED

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

Traditional on-camera flashes include the Godox Wistro Ring Flash. The ring’s LED bulbs provide constant light. It’s for fashion and outdoor portraits. Macro photography is great too.

  • With such a guide total count of 118 and a recycle time of 0.05 to 2.8 seconds
  • This above ring light is powerful. Outdoors, it’s fast recycling time reduces shot time
  • Versatile strength from 1/1 to 1/128
  • The ring light can be blended with ambient lighting
  • The lithium-ion battery lasts 450 flashes
  • The constant LED ring light is 5600K
  • Without modifiers, it’s not adjustable
  • Its 1.4 kg will work your arms.

Westcott 18″ Bi-Color LED Ring Light

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

Wescott’s LED ring light is durable. It’s great for studio and location shoots. DSLR and smartphone mounts and a 6.5-foot stand are included. Swiveling mountings expand your shooting options.  You can take shots in any weather with just an extendable maximum temperature from 3200K to 5600K. Color accuracy is high.

  • This light rig is power-flexible. 
  • It can be plugged in or used with its rechargeable batteries. 
  • Your gear fits in the sturdy carry case. This portable ring light is great.
  • This ring light is among the best on the market but not the cheapest. 
  • This same Wescott LED ring light seems to be top-notch.

Yongnuo YN-14EX-C Macro Ring Lite

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

Another budget-friendly ring light is the Yongnuo YN-14EX. Adjust each side of this twin-tube macro light. To create different effects, adjust each side’s brightness. 

  • It can give your photos depth.
  • Only 1/1 to 1/64 power settings are available. 
  • The 3–5-second recycle time is slow.
  • TTL, flash exposure bracketing, and first/second curtain sync work with the modeling light.
  • The Yongnuo is affordable but offers plenty of options.
  • It’s a versatile ring light.

Neewer Ultra-Slim Bi-Color Ring Light Kit

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

Neewer makes affordable lighting. The perfect example is this ring light kit. The Neewer LED ring light kit mounts cameras and smartphones. The latter can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

  • Unlike cheaper ones, a stand and carry case are included. 
  • This allows for location shooting.
  • Battery power limits you.
  • Neewer’s ring light can dim and change color from 3200k to 5600k. 
  • These settings let you create content in different environments.
  • This is perfect for amateur photographers and social media stars.
  • It’s a great portable ring light for artistic selfies and tutorials.

Ikan Oryon Bi-Color LED Ring Light Stand and Accessories Kit

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

Mid-range ring lights are best with the Ikan. The light is great, but the kit is a great value. The Ikan light has a diffuser, 120-degree coverage, and is lightweight. Makeup mirrors cost $20 extra.

A built-in diffuser, 3200K–5600K temperature range, and 10–100% power settings give you more options. It gives you a lot of creative control, making it easy to change your media’s mood or environment.

A stand, two batteries with chargers, a power cord, as well as smartphone and digital camera mounts are included. That’s in a bag.

This appears expensive. It was cheap because everything was included. The Ikan light source seems to be ideal for home video blogs and studio photoshoots. It’s currently the best ring light.

Whellen Selfie Ring Light

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

The Whellen ring light provides you with excellent lighting for video calls and selfies, and it is portable enough to fit in a pocket or purse. You can use it anywhere. The handy clip mounting can be used on either your phone or your laptop, and it will not scratch the screen of either device. Beginning at $14.99 at Amazon.

Kodak Portrait Lighting for Smartphones

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

Even though the Kodak ring light offered a flattering light at each of its three brightness levels, we observed that the light output of the light began to diminish after the ring light had been turned on for more than 30 minutes. However, it did fit very well on our phone, either without or with a case; however, it does not fit very well on particularly thick cases. At Amazon, you can get it for $43.49.

Movo VGC-3 Selfie Ring Light Kit

9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide9 Best light rings for photography in 2023: A Buyers Guide

This option from Movo had been distinctive from all of the lights that s evaluated; the stand mount resembles a large chip clip, that also allows you to mount it to anything that you can grab the advantage of a shelf as well as monitor, as well as holds three flexible, stretchable arms, one that retains the light, another of which holds a phone holder, and the third of which provides a key milestone for voice recordings, camera, or another object.

The lighting that was supplied by this ring light had been very clear, but because it does not simply rest atop a desk, it is not as usable as other portable lights that we tried out.

However, if you own a desk that allows you to clip things into place, then this is an excellent choice for you to consider.

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☑️ Closing Reflections

Achieving stunning photographs of cars on your own may seem difficult at first, however with the help of such enlightening tips, you will indeed be able to do so in no time.

Final Thoughts

Now you know the answer, don’t you? You are now capable of using a ring light with complete assurance, and you can even create one-of-a-kind photographs by employing some unconventional techniques. You can rely on the Clipping Path CA for the light rings photo edits.

FAQ about ring light for photography

☑️ Is a ring light good for photography?

Yes, definitely the ring lights are good for photography.

☑️ What size ring light for product photography?

The large photography ring light with an 18-inch diameter is the ideal accessory to add to your professional photo solution as a studio addition.

☑️ Are ring lights bad for your eyes?

Ring light use rarely causes eye damage. However, the LED lights’ flickering and blue light can cause eye strain and headaches.

About the author:

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

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