13 Best Tips on How to Take Beautiful Photos for Wedding Photography

A wedding day is not just like other regular days. It is a dream day for a couple and fixed this day for memorable wedding photography. On that day, their dreams come true. To be honest, they want to capture their versatile moments in the form of pictures.

If you are their wedding photographer, it is your high responsibility to frame those pictures carefully. There are some rules and regulations you must follow. We invite you to go through our article and know how to take beautiful photos of wedding photography.

Things you must know about beautiful pictures of wedding photography

Some beginner photographers always keep asking, ‘how can I get the perfect shot?’ well, we have collected something from the professional photographers that might help you out.

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Tools: The first and most important thing is investing in tools. If you have a big budget, invest it to buy a better camera and three primary lenses, lighting, and, if possible, a tripod. 

If you are short of money, at least try to rent them. There are many renting services available.

A perfect picture can be the output of some ideal tools.

Lighting: You know your scheduled time, right. Just manage half an hour before your schedule. Go to the wedding place before the guests come. Check the light of each corner and room. Take selfies to understand better. 

When the bride and groom arrive, you already know in which place to take pictures. Lighting is the most important thing that actually works.


There is another crucial thing to mention. If you have a light setting in such a way that fluorescent light is coming from the front side and natural light is coming from behind, change the position. 

If you have no other option left, snap photos and turn them in black and white. Black and white pictures can sometimes save blurry images.

Flash: Never throw direct flash on someone’s face. On that day, everyone tries to keep good lighting. Use that lighting to brighten your pictures. A high ambient view ruins everything. Try to take advantage of natural light, and play with shadow.

Lens: If the lighting is too bad, just go for a wider lens of eighty-five.

Edit: If you know how to take pictures, you will also have to know how to do wedding photography edits. If you use soft-focus, some photos may get blurred. In this case, you have to fix this with your photo editing skills.

Moreover, light adjustment, hue, saturation, and object removals need to be adjusted with a photo editor.

Shutter speed: Keep your shutter speed above the focal length. If you go below that, the pictures get really blurred. Go for an advanced camera and lens that come with an excellent stabilization setting.

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Family photo: A group photo is an asset to you. Bring in the bride’s and groom’s family together, capture some excellent clicks. You can select some themes for them. In this way, the photos will look unique.

It is a successful trick to use. Convince your clients, and they call you for each function.

Visit places: Know the area you are going to photoshoot tomorrow. I mean, know it very well where to find the perfect light, which sites create more eye-catchy pictures. Try to click selfies and compare them.

Backup plan: A professional photographer always keeps away open for no matter what the situation arrives. Keep your camera and phones charged, memory card empty. If it is an early morning shooting, manage automobile service so that you can reach in time. 

Keep an extra camera and lens with you, in case your one gives trouble. In short, be prepared for any situation. Also, you can keep a wedding and fashion photo editor to suggest some tricks. Also, you can keep an extra camera operator in case of an emergency.

Conversation: Talk to the bride and groom properly. Ask them which pose they want. Try to get their thought. Just try to create shots on their demand.

If possible, keep some props like, hose pipe to create water splash, fairy lights, a dream catcher, etc. These props help to create a dreamy effect. Show your clients that you know your work very well.

Go RAW: Shoot every pic RAW. This is the most important thing. You can not ruin it for saving your time. A wedding is a ceremony that happens once in a man’s life.

There may be so must change needed, like which balance, sharpening, etc. And, these changes can be better done if shot in RAW. You have to go through a lot of work, so charge according to demand.

Angle: Take advantage of the angles. Don’t shoot just from the forward direction. These make photos too dull. Take the shots from different angles, from upward, downward, and sides.

Details: Well, your subjects are not only humans. Use your creativity. Take pictures of the wedding cake, rings, the bride’s beautiful dress, lights, flowers, etc. It will add extra spice to the wedding album.

Getting ready: It looks pretty disgusting to me that; some photographers attend the ceremony wearing a very poor get-up. I mean, it is okay that it’s not your wedding, but come on, you are a professional, and this is actually your job.

These ceremonies are luxurious, so last but not least; the advice is trying to grab a formal dress. The impression is a necessary term nowadays.

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Final Thought

Wedding photography is your dream job, right? So, keep experimenting on how to make the images more beautiful. A wedding ceremony is great fun. It will bring more fun if the photographer gets it right.

You can make this dream day more beautiful for someone. So, keep yourself upgrading and follow our rules on how to take beautiful photos for wedding photography.

About the author:

Picture of Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

Picture of Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel is a very unique, professional, and informative website/blog writer. His biography page features various types of photography strategies in the USA. Keep an eye on his blog that contains a lot of creative details that draw with keep attention.

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