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Top 5 Best Proposal Flowers that Speak the Language of Love

proposal flowers

Everyone in this universe has a crush on someone. Some people express their feelings through flowers, but some do not. Everybody finds difficulty when they propose the person they like. 

Are you also fascinated with the beauty of someone? Yes! Are you thinking about how you show your heartfelt love to them? If yes, then you can go with the lovely flowers. Flowers are the beautiful creation of nature. 

They have a soft language that speaks about your love. So, there is nothing better than these lovely blooms to propose the special person of your life. From ancient times, flowers are used by the lovers to confess their love to their sweetheart. 

These blooms are found in a variety of shapes, shades, and attractive hues. Moreover, the flowers have magical powers that boost everyone’s moods and make them happy. These beauties are also best for every occasion, whether they are traditional or romantic. 

If you love someone silently for a long time, then it’s time to propose to them with these beautiful blooms and say you are mine. How cool is it? Truly amazing! Trust me, they never deny you. 

They definitely trap in the elegant beauty and sweet fragrance of the lovely blooms. Wanna know about the lovely proposal flowers that help your love to bloom? 

If yes, then here we listed some gorgeous proposal blooms that turn your friendship into a lovely relationship. You can find these flowers easily at online or offline florists shops. So, without a second thought, order flowers online and awe your love with stunning bouquets. 

Stunning proposal flowers that speak the language of love and express heartfelt feelings:


Roses are the prettiest flower on this planet. They have a unique beauty that mesmerizes everyone on this earth & stands for pure love and passion. So, what is better than a bouquet of red roses to delight your sweetheart or propose them? Am I right? Absolutely Right! 

Top 5 Best Proposal Flowers that Speak the Language of Love

Roses are found in numerous varieties and hues, and every hue has a different significance. Moreover, the number of roses you give also possess different meanings.

A dozen roses stand for complete love. So, wait no more, pick a gorgeous red rose’s bouquet, and propose your love. If you find difficulty, then send flowers online to your sweetheart’s doorstep and express your romantic feelings.


Carnations also have a unique beauty and sweet fragrance. These beautiful blooms stand for fascination, love, admiration, purity, etc. These flowers are also known as the flower of gods. Moreover, these blooms come in a variety of vibrant hues and represent different meanings. 

So, a bouquet of carnations flowers is best to propose the love of your life. Finding the best partner for your life is a very difficult task. Everyone has to choose them carefully.

So, if you find your partner, then propose them beautifully so that they never deny you. By using the online flower delivery in Kolkata, you can send a beautiful carnation bouquet to their doorstep with a romantic note that makes them think about you.


Do you want to propose to your sweetheart differently? Of Course, yes! Everyone wants it. Then you can express your love with a bouquet of stunning chrysanthemums. How cool is it? Totally amazing! Chrysanthemums are the delicate flower that takes everyone’s heart away. 

Lovers mostly pick these flowers after roses. If you feel something for someone and want to propose to them, then go ahead with an adorable bouquet of red chrysanthemums. These flowers have a different language that passes on your sentiments efficiently.


Camellia is also a very popular flower among couples as it represents faithfulness and longevity. This flower comes in radiant hues like white, yellow, purple, red, etc. Yellow camellia stands for friendship while white for the adoration and give to a well-liked person. 

The red color of camellia flowers symbolizes love and deep desire. So, choose the color as per the message you want to disclose. The mixed bouquet of Camilla also looks very attractive. So, you can also go with them. 

Top 5 Best Proposal Flowers that Speak the Language of Love


Do you really want to win someone’s heart? If yes, then a bouquet of lilies definitely works for. This flower comes in a rainbow of colors and stands for trust, optimism, and joy. The bouquet of lilies reveals your true love to your partner. 

Imagine you propose your love with a stunning bouquet of lilies, and they said yes to you. How wonderful is it? Fabulous! The fragrance of lilies flower is also sweet that definitely mesmerizes your partner.

Unique Gift Ideas to Express Heartfelt Feelings to Your Beloved Partner

So, opt for the one as per your love choice and propose them. If you do not know about the likes and dislikes, then anyone from them. You cannot go wrong with these proposal flowers. Moreover, everyone likes flowers. So this gift is always appreciated by your love.

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