The wedding is one of the most important events in everyone’s life. So, the photos of such an event are hoped to be the most perfect and alluring. But only the photo session can’t create perfect wedding memories. Splendid Wedding photography is incomplete without Wedding Photo Editing. Wedding photo editing service makes wedding photography flawless by removing all the minor mistakes and lacking happened in the photo session. So, Wedding Photo Editing Service has become one of the most demanding parts of Photo Editing Service.

is offering the high-quality Wedding photo editing service at your desired level. Our experienced and skilled designers work actively in the purpose of providing the most flawless and absolute Wedding photography to cherish your sweet memories forever. 


We are destined to create perfect wedding photography so that whenever you want to revive your sweet and warm wedding memories you find it lively and vivid. Wedding photo editing service gives wedding photography a lively and fascinating look. We try to retouch all of the normal flaws happened with marriage dressing, makeup, ornaments, backgrounds, postures, destinations etc.  Overall, we retouch and recolor the wedding photographs to enhance the beauty and appearance of the whole wedding photo session. 

In this purpose, we follow some steps to complete the Wedding photo editing successfully:

  • Color correction
  • Creative / Artistic Editing
  • Image sorting
  • Photo album creating
  • Photo retouching
  • JPG and RAW files editing
  • Skin retouching
  • Removal of dark circles, under-eye bags, and stray hair
  • remove and add object and people
  • Retouching and changing the background


Wedding photo editing service is very helpful to make the wedding photography attractive and stunning. Changing the color of the photo enhances the appearance and retouching the background adds an extra charm in the photos. Dark circles, wrinkles of the face are retouched and stray hair is removed, thus your face and hair will get a flawless look.  Skin retouching, cloth fixing give the photos a vivid look.

Ultimately, wedding photo editing service will help you to make your wedding photos lively and charming. Who wants to miss the chance of making the wedding photos alluring and eye-catching? Obviously, nobody wants, so send us your wedding photos for editing and get perfect wedding photographs with a lovely look.

Besides, you’re getting 24/7 online support and on-time delivery with the easy payment system at CLIPPING PATH CA


We provide a variety of services in Wedding photo editing as your requirements like:

1.  Culling image selection: You won’t have to worry about culling the photos. We are here to ease the task for you. Send us your photos and get your photos edited properly without wasting your time.

2.   Photo Retouching:  We retouch the wedding photos to make the event memorable for all time. We try our best to make your event photos perfect from all aspects. Brightening skin tone, removing unwanted objects from the background, removing stray hair, enchanting makeup, removing blemishes- whatever is needed is done carefully to make the photos glowing and enchanting.

3. Background changing, removing and enhancement: Background has an important role in wedding photos. Sometimes, we find the background of the photos unsuitable and want to change or remove any unwanted object from the background. We change the background if it is needed. Besides, we enhance and retouch the background and remove any unwanted objects from the background.  

4.  Enhanced Image Editing: We are providing the best and perfect Enhanced image editing. Your photos will get an enhanced flawless look with enhanced image editing.

5. Custom and stylish color correction: Color correction is an integral part of wedding photo editing. We brighten and retouch the skin, remove the stray hair, adjust the shadows and balance the highlights and overall apply the suitable effects on your photos to make them colorful and charming.

6. Add and remove object and people:  Adding and removing any object or people properly in photos isn’t an easy task. We add and remove object and people in the wedding photos and give the photos a realistic look.  

7.       Beautiful Bridal Portraits: Bride is the most attractive part of wedding photography. The photos of the bride need special care and editing.  We do some editing in the photos of the bride with her beautiful wedding dress like skin and body retouching, stray hair removal, dark circle, bags under eyes, wrinkles removal, natural color correction, white balance adjustment, fixing clothes, etc.

8.  Wedding invitation and album designing: Now, you don’t need to worry about the wedding invitation and album designing, as we’ve come with the service of wedding invitation and album designing with properly edited photos. Overall, we are providing fully edited wedding photos with an album. Just send us your wedding photos and get a complete album with glamorous and lovely photos of the sweetest event of your life.

9.       Advanced Image editing:  Here, we’re providing high-end image editing service at an affordable price. Our skilled designers are working in correcting colors, adjusting effects and body shapes, removing blemishes, dark spots,and wrinkles, removing unwanted objects and spots, etc. for advanced image editing.


10.       Wedding Video Editing:  Wedding video editing is a complicated task. Our experts work on wedding video editing according to the demands of the clients.  Give us this time consuming hard task and rely on us, we are ensuring you the quality of our works.


There are many categories of our wedding photo editing service and prices vary according to the complexity level of editing. Here, we’ve mentioned the prices of some categories of our services. Generally.

  • EASY WEDDING PHOTO EDITING: $ 0.30 for per image

  • HARD WEDDING PHOTO EDITING: $0.50 for per images

  • CUSTOM COLOR CORRECTION: $0.20 for per image

  • ADVANCED IMAGE EDITING: $10.00 for per image

  • PRO EDIT: $5.00 for per image

  • MEDIUM WEDDING PHOTO EDITING: $0.40 for per image

  • CULLING IMAGE SELECTION: $0.05 for per image
  • PHOTO RETOUCHING: $2.00 for per image

  • SIMPLE EDIT: $2.00 for per image
  • CUSTOM RETOUCHING: $5.00 for per image

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