The Importance of Minerals in Your Drinking Water

Water, the most important source of essential minerals on this planet that a living being could have. The element which covers the 70% portion of this planet gives life to every living species as this mineral becomes like a bar of gold in hand for a person who is roaming in lands of deserts where no sign of trees could have seen. And in other places, it is taken as granted many wastages has done as human thinks that its availability is like they could get it anywhere and spill all over the place. No doubt whether you could say while taking a bath while washing their vehicle. If taking all the aspects of wastage alongside some weird people have water PARTY where all this valuable source is all wasted.

Water Crises 

This wastage from the enjoyment of people led to Chennai facing its crisis as the groundwater level of that region has just gone below just 20 feet. Yes, 20 Feet that’s it so we should be aware of that and should know how to conserve water. Besides this, we used to find many minerals in our drinking water and don’t forget to spill the water around while drinking.  As we all are habitual of mineral water and seldom we avoid tap water as it may not be mineral water healthy. So, you can see from this one word (mineral) how much difference can make between tap water and mineral water.

As containing minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium in large quantities makes it superior water than just regular water. But along with this, you should know that not all minerals are in favour of our sharp teeth, bones, hair and healthy skin. Which of them are Lead and Arsenic, which could result in really dangerous for our health? Whereas the main and one benefit of the mineral water is this water doesn’t go under any chemical processing and provides full nutrients of those minerals (excluding arsenic and lead).

Why Are Minerals Important In Water? 

It is now diving into what makes the difference between regular water and mineral water.  As for how one from them is much more purified than the other one. Like it’s just pure water but comes in different categories of itself. 

Mineral Water > Tap or Regular Water.

  • Well, the first reason for this difference would be that no doubt the water you obtain from underground contains minerals. Minerals which we’ve mentioned earlier and yes resulting in good condition for drinking. So, let’s think about it again, the water that comes from the soil in the age of pesticides, or whatever harmful chemicals are used.

So would you still drink this water even this all process you see in front of the eyes? Those micro-organisms from all of those biodegradable waste contained water could be really causes cancer among individuals. Not only from these farming soil sometimes it flows from corrode pipes. The pipes which are all contaminated and because of no proper maintenance for the overflow of rainwater then it restricts the flow of freshwater if it does, then it will be all polluted. Rusted corroded pipes could be the big reason behind this.

  • Now coming in terms of mineral water, no doubt it also came from the same directions which are mentioned above. But before reaching it to the houses tap water, all the households now have installed the water purifiers. In simple language, it’s called water Filter as it helps to purify it all that grounded water free from contamination.

These filters are here have a TDS controller which contains RO membranes. These membranes are so in size with equal of all those water (maybe polluted) molecules. Through these membranes, all those molecules become purified and serving every household healthy drinking water.

Economic Terms

As from surveys from economists about the human conditions, it’s been conducted that many rural areas have not these purifiers that characteristic. As they really dependant upon water from tube wells yes it is suitable for your skin, hair indeed. But not for your metabolism as we’ve mentioned it all earlier. So, it becomes an essential requisite for every citizen out there to have at least one purifier in your home, especially in this water polluted and crisis time.

Worrying about its monetary terms but now you haven’t at all as govt. Tries to give this line of healthy product a right amount of subsidy. But some companies seek this unhealthy environment opportunity and charges away much higher price for these. Not in the case of Aqua fresh water purifiers as we’ve seen in the comparison chart of this market, it is understood that it charges the fair price from customers for their purifiers. Or we can say it’s the only company here who is following up on the government’s subsidy pattern.

Not only providing you with a fair price and they are done, as you can see in your maps today one Aquafresh service centre would be near your house. With good service employees which could be at your home with such short notice. Besides promoting this company and telling about Aquafresh service and its services centre, we can say it’s the only company for now who could be resulting in the welfare of society.

Benefits Of Mineral Water in a Nutshell

So without taking your precious time, we could now discuss the benefits of the mineral water. From the beginning, it can be clear that it is not only free from pollutants but eliminate those as well. Alongside with it contains mineral magnesium could be the source of freeing yours from fatigue. And calcium is helpful in strengthening all your bones prevents muscle weakness.

After explaining these benefits from it now, it becomes all responsibility of you that taking one step towards saving water can affect thousands of people moving towards it. Because it is estimated that our future generation would be out of this valuable source, all it prevails would be contaminated water which could be all affected by these industrial wastes, our disposal of everything into these oceans. So, instead of just thinking about this initiative, do take one step today.

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