A necklace for a man is a little different from one for a woman. On the one hand, men will never wear anything that can be considered “costume jewelry”: the big, thick things with rows of jewels that you will see accompanying the evening dresses. That is strictly a woman’s fashion.

Are you going on vacation this summer? Like the women who lie on the beach in those magazines, posing with their big hats, trendy sunglasses and shiny gold jewelry. But can you use your gold bracelets and necklaces on the beach or in the pool?

An immersion in the salt water of the sea can damage your golden bracelet or your golden necklaces for girls. Salt water can lead to erosion, causing not only the precious metal to weaken, but also the jewelry. As a result, the welded pieces and the gems with which the gold bracelet is attached can be loosened. Sand is less harmful than sea saltwater, but keep in mind that when you wear a bracelet or chain necklace on the beach, the sand can get trapped between them. Therefore, for any type of visit to the beach, you can better insure your jewelry in a safe place.

With a new dive in the pool, not only the silver but also the gold jewelry can rust. The chlorine used in swimming pools and jacuzzis is very harmful for silver, white gold and yellow gold jewelry. The higher the carats, the longer it takes to affect the gold. However, before swimming, keep your gold bracelet or golden necklace in your room safe, first of all. On top of that, diamonds are especially sensitive to discoloration when they come into contact with chlorine. If your bracelet is set with diamonds, definitely remove it before going swimming.

Even when you are not planning to swim or take a walk on the beach, it is recommended that you remove your gold bracelet or gold necklace during the day. Sunscreen has a bad influence on your silver and gold jewelry, as well as makeup and hair spray. So, first get dressed and finish your makeup before putting on your gold bracelet and your gold necklace. When you consider all these tips during your vacation, you can enjoy your exceptional gems even longer.

When should you wear a Women’s Necklace ?

1. Keep your appearance simple so that the collar is the focal point.
2. Avoid wearing earrings unless they are very subtle.
3. Keep rings and bracelets to a minimum.
4. Match your statement collar to your neckline.
5. Add a touch of color to a plain suit.
6. Wear a striking monochrome necklace with colorful clothes.

There are ample families of necklace styles that are worth knowing. These have been traditionally masculine styles for years, and are natural pairs for a man’s classic style. Military-style dog tags are functionally just a specialized pendant, but are mentioned by themselves, if only because more and more jewelers seem to be making exclusive versions.


A good necklace is an accent piece for a well-dressed man, such as a ring or a tie or a good set of cufflinks. It will not be something you wear every day, or with every outfit (except in the case of religious necklaces, or something else stored under your shirt like a personal token).

You do not want to be known for a specific piece of jewelry. Mix and enjoy expanding your collection from time to time. A few good pendants and a wide selection of laces and chains offer you a lot of possibilities, once you start to mix and match.

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