How to Reset Your Tripped Circuit Breaker at Home

There are several electric repairs related to your home that you can do yourself. One such simple activity is resetting your tripped circuit breaker. You need to follow a few simple steps and there you have accomplished a small electric repair activity or you can call in professional Northern Beaches electrician to help you.

When a circuit breaker has tripped, you must reset it with the help of emergency electricians. To do that you must first find your electrical panel. It is mostly located in the basement or garage. In some cases, it will be in the furnace room or where your hot water heater is located.

Once you locate your electrical panel, you need to identify which circuit breaker has tripped. For this, you should look for breakers that are either ‘Off’ or somewhere in between the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ positions. Now, to reset it, push it completely to ‘Off’ and then turn it ‘On’ again.

However, if the breaker trips repeatedly, then your electric repair activity is far from complete. You need to ascertain why the breaker is tripping. To do that, you must understand the various reasons due to which a circuit breaker can trip as noted by the electricians of Northern Beaches.

The very intention of circuit breakers is to turn off power when any of the following occurs:

1. Overloaded circuit:

When there are several outlets that are connected to the circuit, it becomes overloaded. The breaker prevents the dangers of tripping while current passes through the circuit here. All you need is to reduce and remove certain outlets from your home. You also have to check on the trips and all with the loose connections that are there.

2. Short circuit:

When the hot wire touches another one that comes in contact with that of the neutral one, short circuit usually happens. It is something that is quite difficult to diagnose as short circuits can happen in any type of wiring and for the devices that are plugged in to the outlets. In order to identify the source from where the short circuit, you need to look out for some burnt smell or melted wire as you need to ensure proper insulation that would complete this activity of electric repair.

3. Ground fault:

This is also a type of short circuit and occurs when a ground wire touches a hot wire or the sides of the metal box. Ensure that this does not happen and replace any damaged wires.

In order for the lights and appliances to work in your home, you need electricity. This system is usually made up of circuits that sometimes get tripped or blown if there is too much power going through it. If this happens, there are some things that you need to do to restore the power to the dead circuits.

Things you need to look at

When you are making electrical repairs on the circuit after it has been tripped, you need a list of where the circuits and the branches are so that you know which is responsible for each area of the home. 

To make this process easier, you can switch each circuit breaker to “off,” then check everything that is plugged into each outlet. Once you have figured out what works on each circuit, you need to make that list and keep it by the main panel.

Sometimes, when you turn the circuits off, it is obvious what does not work as a sputtering sound or a small flame may come from the outlet or electrical device. If this happens, immediately unplug the device and check the panel with a flashlight so that you can see which one has been tripped. 

Unplug everything that is on that circuit so that you can check them all individually to see if there are others that do not work.

After this, you may need to replace the fuse and then make sure that the breaker is reset properly with the help of electrician Northern Beaches Sydney. If the circuit does not trip again when you reset it, then it may be that one of the units that are connected to that circuit may be broken. At this time, you should check for any possible short circuits. 

If you don’t find any, then your problem may be too much current on that particular circuit and you may have to permanently unplug some of the units from that circuit.

If there are still problems with the new breaker, the problem may be one or more of the appliances that are still connected or possibly the cable. Check each one of the appliances that are plugged in until you find the problem. If you find that it is the wiring, you will need to call a professional electrician to perform your electrical repairs.

To conclude

For the most part, you should not have any trouble with the circuit breaker, but sometimes it does happen, resulting in a circuit that will not be able to support the currency that is going through it. 

If there is a problem with the circuit breaker, it will emit a smell similar to burning plastic. If the handle does not feel right or makes funny noises when you go to move it, turn it all off, check the breaker, and have it replaced if needed.

Because it can be dangerous to fix electrical systems, it may be beneficial to your home or business to call trained professional reliable electricians of Northern Beaches to perform your electrical repairs. Your safety could depend on it.