How to Manage Customer Testimonials to Increase Brand Credibility!

Establishing credibility is the most basic and important step for all businesses. We have several of the brands whose name speaks for themselves. You can take Nike, Walmart, Apple,and Puma as an example. People believe in their product and customer service. They know them for legitimate brands and totally rely on them. We all think about how they manage to establish such credibility? How can people trust so much in their product? My diverse research on the brands have helped me identify a very core factor that is “Customer Testimonials”

We as a human tendency to believe in each other’s word. That is why most of us rely on customer testimonials to create a view of some brand. This is the reason that prompt us to see how customer testimonials can help increase the brand. How they can be used for marketing and generating revenue. After thorough research,we have gathered a few points that are equally beneficial for a start-up as they are for an established brand. Credibility cannot be attained overnight. It requires time and constant quality services and product to keep the brand name maintained or for starters to establish one.

Why Customer testimonials are important?

Want to know why customer testimonials are super important for your business? Here are a few numbers for you to see how significant a role they play in your marketing strategy.

  • 92% of online customers say that they read customer review before making any purchase

  • 72% of people tend to believe brand more after seeing positive testimonials

  • 88% of customers trust and believe the customer testimonials as much as they trust personal recommendations

The best way to implement customer testimonials is by following those who have succeeded before you. After observing the great load of examples we have extracted the core tips and tricks which can help you with customer testimonials to increase your brand’s credibility.

Tips and tricks

Do Add Photo of the Customer:

Reading text without any visuals is really boring. We need something to make sure that the person providing the testimonial is an actual entity. Adding a photo of the customer who has provided testimonial adds originality to the review. Make your testimonials appear on the home page so that every visitor get to go through it and develops a perspective for the product/service unknowingly.

Utilize high-quality photos on testimonials to show that testimonials aren’t fabricated. High-quality photos eliminate the doubt of utilizing fake reviews.

Display the best of the testimonials you received:

Display best of the testimonials on your home page to impart great impression on the visitors you receive. Rule of marketing is to never bury your testimonials. Like in the case of Uber, displaying testimonials on the homepage are encouraging for people to utilize the app. And this is for both the passengers and drivers.

Do share the Customers Credential:

By now you must have understood the importance of photograph on testimonial. You all must be thinking now why credentials? No one is going to double check the testimonials. Sharing relevant information about the customer can help other visitors make a better and sensible decision. Like someone from Omaha provides a review about Cox internet. Now what they will do is they will add customer’s profession and place into the profile to add relevancy.

 For example: “Hi, I’m Shelly and I am a computer engineer and work from my living room every single day (perks of being a computer engineer). I have tried several Internet service providers but Spectrum Services proved to be great for me.” The profession and location indicate that Cox communication is doing great in Omaha for the people whose bread and butter solely depends on the internet.

Create a separate landing page for testimonials:

Creating a separate landing page for testimonials is a good practice. We certainly cannot display all the reviews on the home page but can only highlight the best ones there. It doesn’t make any sense to show dozens of reviews on the home page. It won’t just affect the look and feel of the homepage but also will send a very pushy image to the audience.

Make use of the star rating method:

In addition to testimonials, do utilize the star rating method. No one is going to trust your five-star ranting if you have only three reviews. Take the following example from 99design.

They have a rating of 4.7 over 36,000 reviews. Whereas 36000 is a big number and still it doesn’t gain them a 5-star rating. Let me tell you it’s even better than the perfect. The negative testimonials and comments provide your positive comments more value, it clearly indicates that the testimonials are original and depict the actual experience of the clientele.

Do add testimonial against every product:

Adding testimonial against product description is a good practice. Make people look at how a particular person liked the product or service. These carefully chosen testimonials provide an insight into the service or product. And provides a better idea of the user’s experience with the brand.

Can utilize videos for testimonial content:

Photos and videos both have a similar kind of effect on the user. Adding a face to your reviewer gives a sense of legitimacy. Videos deeply describe how the reviewer actually feel about the product. Many brands are using influencer marketers to review their product or service and provide great insight into the pros and cons of the product or service.

 I hope this article have helped you realizing the importance of customer testimonials for your business. Use them smartly to market your product smartly over the internet.