Who does not like to take pictures! Someone takes it as a hobby and someone has chosen it professionally. Family celebration, birthday, wedding, college or university festivities or any cultural event, study tours or family holiday breaks and many other invaluable occasionally we all want to keep in our memories.

But in many cases our photographs may not be as good as expected. We do not like our own clicked picture! The fault is our camera!

In digital photography, we can easily make our image much better by following some guidelines. These guidelines or tips are actually for everyone, but it would be more beneficial for beginners, amateur or hobbyists or tourists and new wedding photographer.

01. Learn about Camera:

First of all, you need to know about your camera functions. DSLR, Bridge, Point & Shoot / PNS camera: Each has specific capabilities and specific features. May be your idea is that just good pictures can be taken by DSLR but it’s not right thinking bringing all the pictures with bridges or PNS also. If there is a good idea about the camera’s functions and modes, then it is very easy to take pictures. I would like to tell you that you will read also camera manual and available tutorials on YouTube as well as top news portals in Bangladesh.

02. Select Mode:

There is dial mode in the basic PNS camera and also high and DSLR. The options in DSLR are slightly higher and there are three options which are also available all DSLRs: Manuel, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority. Their symbols may differ depending on the camera’s brand. Almost all digital cameras also have Auto, Creative Auto, Night mode, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports etc. The camera itself fixes everything (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.) in auto. It’s a good idea to use portrait mode for portraying someone. The macro shows the smallest thing. This mode is available in the camera to take pictures of the tiny subject. Finally, when you take pictures in every mode, you will have to use the mode very quickly.

03. Fix angle and framing:

The same subject in the same frame for taking photos all the time, most cases you may feel boring. Photographs can be taken in tilted framing for portraits or single subject photos and you don’t need to clip path services on the image. In many cases, low-angle brings different varieties of photos. Once the photo is taken, the subject is set in the angle and diagonal frame, and then it adds a different dimension.

04. Point of Interest:

“Point of interest” and “Center of interest” are the same things. Center of interest is the meaning of center of a photo but it doesn’t mean that the center of interest is located only at the center or at the center of the image. Most uses this wedding photography. For example, many people are in a photo, but the person who is looking at the camera directly is the point of interest. However, there is no such thing as the center of interest or point of interest in the photo.

05. Auto Focusing & Continuous Shooting:

Almost all cameras have auto-focusing. While photographing, try to make sure the focusing is correct. Portrait is better to focus on the subject’s eyes when taking photos or group photos.

And almost all cameras have Continuous Shooting or Continuous Firing mode. If this mode is selected by holding shutter or tension, then take a lot of photos together. This Continuous Shooting works is very well to take pictures of small kids.

There are no specific or completely categorized rules for taking photographs. In many cases, there are many extraordinary photos you got by breaking the rule.

So, take your camera open-minded and click on it continuously. Here you can get more idea Bridal Makeup.

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