How plasma cutting tool helps in cutting?

What is a plasma cutting tool?

A plasma cutting tool is a cutting tool which you can use as an inert gas which will blow at a rate of very high from a triggered nozzle.  As this gas will escape you can apply an arc so that you can create a high torc. As this inert gas escapes an arc will be applied to it so that you can create a hot torch. This cutter provides you the ability to cut through any type of metals or alloy very easily. If you have used a plasma cutter before then you will know that it provides a clean cutting experience which you can’t find in any other cutter.

Why do we need this cutting tool?

You can perform plasma cutting on any type of conductive material. Plasma cutter is made of that material which is pretty much receptive to most welding discipline as well as mild steel, stainless steel, and cast iron will be your option.  I think it will be impossible to cut any metal without the help of a plasma cutter it can be a difficult task or but not impossible to cut aluminum or any kind of stainless steel product.

Everyone should know that plasma cutter runs on compressed air which you will find at most local service shops which means you won’t have to worry about storing compressed oxygen or any type of fuel gas in your garage.

Why plasma cutter is better than other tool?

It is not a better tool just because it has a higher rated capacity than other options or other tool. Plasma cutter produces a bevel with their cut which has the capability to cut upto 6 degrees which can make this cutting task difficult to cut through some thicker metals. As plasma cutter is built in with an oxy fuel it is always needed for cutting steel related product or thicker steel.  All these really matters to being plasma cutter a better tool than other cutting tool. If you are a welder for home use then I think greater thickness of metal will not help you in your work you should give privilege to a thinner type of metal.

What type of plasma cutter is available now?

Heavy Duty type plasma cutter – Heavy duty plasma cutter is a tool which you can cut 1 to 1.5 inch thick materials. This option will be pretty much useful for you if you don’t have acetylene torch on your garage or shop. If you have thinner type of metals in your home then I think this type of plasma cutter will be usually over powered plasma cutter.

Semi portable plasma cutter – Semi portable cutter will allow you to have a cutter that will weigh less than 100 pounds. This portable cutter will have the cutting ability to cut through 1 inch thick material that is both for indoor and outdoor. The person who needs to complete some light weight job then I think this semi portable cutter will be very useful one.

Inverter type plasma cutter – Inverter type of plasma cutter typically need fewer type of consumables which you should purchase on a regular basis. The inverter type plasma cutter will help you to regulate the plasma flow and this plasma cutter will reduce the maintenance cost with fewer replacements of parts which is needed to be serviced overtime.

You can import a plasma cutter from by reflecting on the quality of a plasma cutter which is pretty much essential according to me. But if you prefer a domestic plasma cutter with some good features will do the task same as your imported plasma cutter. You have to give importance to just one thing that is you should look for a cutter which maintains more and some quality feature.

General Price of a plasma cutter

Everyone knows that the price of a plasma cutter is generally on the higher side which has the capability to produce higher number of Amps.  If you are looking for an entry level plasma cutter which generally makes a ¼ inch (12mm) cut and the pricing of this cutter will begin form $200.

The person who is looking for a cutting range of ¼ inch to a ½ inch I think in this range you will several models and the price of those models will be between $300 to 450 and this type of plasma cutter really works better and affordable to most of the person.

If you are thinking of cutting through 1 inch thicker type of metals then I think you have tp pay higher price which will be between $1500 to $2000. It is a simple matter which I think everyone should know that according to the thickness of your metal the price of plasma cutter differs.

Advantage of using plasma cutter

Plasma cutting tool will help you in cutting through metals within no time which make this cutter really different from the other. With the help of this cutter you can cut through metal very easily without worrying about what kind of slag comes in your way.

 If you are related with cutting metal then I think there will be no other better option than using plasma cutter as it really helps in cutting through metal like a butter.

The bigger advantage of using plasma cutter is it’s a movable cutter. The person who is a user of traditional cutting tool then they should know the pain of moving around of this massive tool. With the advancement of technology plasma cutter comes with a lightweight and compact design which is really great.

One of the biggest advantage of using plasma cutter is it will provide you accurate and precision cut. This tool is utilized with a innovative process in which a cone shape high temperature steam makes your cutting result more accurate.


I think after reading my post you have got all the answers about how plasma cutting tool helps in cutting? I think every person who wants to gather knowledge about plasma cutting tool they will find this article a really useful one.